14 Easy No-Bake Valentine Treats to Make With Your Kids

Are you looking for some sweet treats to make with your kids this Valentine’s Day?

Looking for a favorite kid-friendly food with a Valentine’s twist for your festivities? Perhaps a heartfelt, heart-shaped snack to surprise your family?

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the Internet for unique valentine snacks that are easy and fun to make together.

In this article I’ll share our favorite 14 no-bake valentine treats to make with your kids.

Looking for a favorite kid-friendly food for Valentine's Day? Discover 14 unique no-bake Valentine treats that are easy and fun to make with your kids.

Why Make Valentine Treats?

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday. What better way to celebrate the day devoted to love than to create something sweet and beautiful with your favorite kids?

Creative cooking projects are lots of fun for children of all ages. They’re a great way to share valuable life skills without it feeling like a chore. And when the end result is something cute that you can eat, everybody wins!

So tie on an apron, hand ’em a spoon and encourage your kids to play with their food by making some of the festive valentine snacks below.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory, a way to spruce up a valentine meal for your family or a cute treat to take to a class party, you’ll find a unique option here.

Check out this recipe roundup for a variety of family-friendly valentine treats.

Look through the list together with your kids and choose a few that they’d like to make together.

#1: Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Start the day off right with this adorable Valentine’s Day breakfast from Kara at The Joys of Boys. She shares her tips for making the perfect (easy) heart-shaped pancakes.

easy day breakfast

Share your love for your family with a special Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Wouldn’t your kids love to wake up to Cupid’s arrow on their plates? Start a Valentine’s Day tradition with this special breakfast.

Note: You’ll need a set of graduated heart cookie cutters (preferably metal ones) to make this treat.

#2: Heart Milk Cubes

A glass of milk is the perfect companion to any Valentine’s Day treat. Why not dress up the milk, too? These adorable heart milk cubes by Victoria at A Subtle Revelry are made of milk themselves, so they won’t water your drink down as they melt.

milk and cookies

Milk and cookies are the perfect snack on Valentine’s Day or any day.

This treat has an added surprise your kids will love: As the ice melts, it turns the milk a lovely shade of pink—what fun!

Note: You’ll need a heart-shaped ice cube tray to make this treat.

#3: Friendship Bark

This concoction from Susan Phillips at Momtastic gets its crunch from cereal, its saltiness from pretzels and its sweetness from four kinds of candy. Valentine’s friendship bark is the perfect combination of flavors and textures, all stuck together into delectable clusters of sweet, crunchy goodness.

friendship bark

Your kids will love to stir this mixture to coat everything with yummy melted candy.

Break into chunks and serve in a big bowl at a valentine party or wrap in sandwich bags with the free printable bag topper and give as gifts. Yum!

Note: Find candy melts at craft stores where cake- and candy-making supplies are sold.

Want something similar that’s even quicker? Check out the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Trail Mix from Jenni at Sweet Pennies From Heaven.

#4: Valentine Krispie Treats

Shelly at Cookies and Cups shows you how to transform Rice Krispie treats—a kid favorite—into adorable valentine Krispie treats pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

krispie treat heart

Valentine Krispie treats are perfect treats for a class party.

Your kids will have fun drizzling melted candy on top and decorating these special treats with arrows. Use two sticks for each arrow so you don’t struggle pushing one all the way through the treat.

Note: Find lollipop sticks wherever candy- and cake-making supplies are sold or use toothpicks instead.

There are so many great Krispie Treat ideas for Valentine’s Day, it was hard to choose just one. We also loved these Cherry Krispie Treats from Jenny at Sugar Loco.

#5: Strawberry Love Bugs

Make these adorable strawberry love bugs from River at Wing It Vegan as a party snack or special holiday dessert for your family.

strawberry love bugs

Your kids will have fun dipping the berries in chocolate and piping on the faces and dots.

Did you know that strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in spring? In warmer climates, you may be able to find local strawberries in February for Valentine’s Day. Imported berries are available year-round.

Hint: To extend freshness, do not wash strawberries until just before you’re ready to use them.

#6: Chocolate-Dipped Wafer Cookies

Kids and sprinkles are a colorful recipe for fun and these chocolate-dipped wafer cookies from Arlene Mobley at Flour on my Face are coated with them!

choco dip wager cookies

Fun, cheap, easy, pretty and delicious—what’s not to love about these wafer cookies?

This is one of the easiest and least-expensive valentine treats we found. You can get a big package of wafer cookies at the dollar store, and a big bang for your “pretty valentine treat” buck!

Tip: Pour a pile of sprinkles on a plate and have your kids roll the chocolate-covered cookie in them. It’s much easier and less messy than shaking the bottle over the chocolate.

#7: Candy Heart Necklace

Here’s a valentine treat your kids can wear! This adorable candy necklace was presented by Tiffany at Cute Food for Kids, where she shares the secret to threading the licorice string (or any string) through the marshmallow…

candy necklace

This treat you can wear is 100% edible and 100% cute.

Use different candies or sprinkles to embellish your marshmallow pendant and make each necklace unique.

#8: Valentine Jello Hearts

Leslie Green, affectionately known as The Hungry Housewife, shared the instructions (and the secret ingredient that makes gelatin opaque and white) for these bright and jiggly valentine Jello hearts.

jello hearts

These treats will jiggle and make kids giggle.

Allow plenty of time for this treat to set twice (once for each color) and use your smallest heart cookie cutter to create a whole pan full of valentine squares.

#9: Cupid’s Heart Hot Dogs

Is it time for lunch? Turn basic kid fare into something special with a simple slice of a knife. Kristin from Our Ordinary Life shared this super-simple idea for Cupid’s heart hot dogs.

heart hot dogs

Your kids will feel special with this unique twist on lunch, just for Valentine’s Day.

What a fun way to celebrate lunch. Use uncooked spaghetti to pierce your kids’ hot dog hearts. Cupid hits a bullseye with this easy treat.

#10: Love Potion

This love potion is the easiest treat ever! Sara Wells and Kate Jones at Our Best Bites created a label to print out and transform any kind of red juice or soda into a love potion.

love potion

Love potion labels + Hawaiian Punch = instant party drink.

Did you forget to make a treat for the class party? Just print and cut out these labels, stop by the store on your lunch hour and tape the labels on in the parking lot for an instant Valentine’s Day beverage that’s sure to get a reaction (even if it’s “LOVE Potion, ewwwwww”).

Here’s a great version of the song Love Potion #9 you can listen to. You may need to explain to your kids what a 45-RPM record is!

It’s a fun, festive drink for non-procrastinators, too!

#11: Valentine Heart Boiled Eggs

We’ve shown you magic tricks and egg tricks, but never a magic egg trick! Sofie of Simply Sofie reveals the secret to making heart-shaped boiled eggs.

heart boiled eggs

Surprise them for breakfast with eggs on toast, valentine-style.

The trick is to mold the eggs while they’re still warm using three things you’re sure to have at home already. It’s quick and easy and oh-so-hard to wait until they cool! Your kids will love to surprise someone special with these awesome altered eggs.

#12: Valentine’s Day Bunny Cookies

Here’s a treat that even the youngest helpers can work on. Kellie featured these easy Valentine’s Day bunny cookies on her Fun Kid Snacks Blog at Snackpicks. All you need are a couple of cookies, mini-marshmallows and some Red Hots to make these love-bunnies.

bunny cookies

Wish your favorite kids a “hoppy Valentine’s Day” with these cute cookies.

Got a Girl Scout in your life? Valentine’s Day falls during Girl Scout cookie time, so you can support your favorite troop by making these cute treats out of Thin Mints. Stick an extra box in the freezer and make the bunny cookies again for Easter, using jellybeans instead of Red Hots.

For another animal-inspired cookie creation (and another treat that’s cute way beyond Valentine’s Day) check out the Crocodile Nutter Butter Valentines from Melissa at My Mommy Style.

#13: No-Bake Chocolate Heart Cakes

Believe it or not, there’s no baking required for these chocolate heart cakes from Plain Chicken. Get out your favorite cookie cutter and transform store-bought snack cakes into valentine delights. Just add sprinkles.

choco heart cakes

Too busy to make cupcakes? Create these chocolaty cakes instead.

Your kids will enjoy all the yummy goodness of homemade cupcakes with a lot less work. And they’ll have just as much fun cutting the cakes and pressing sprinkles into the frosting. This is great for busy parents who are short on time.

#14: Old-Fashioned Candy Apples

Oh, the sweet, sticky, cinnamony goodness of an old-fashioned candy apple! Introduce your kids to this classic treat with an easy recipe from Lynda, a guest chef on Susie’s blog, Susie QTpies Café.

candy apple

Have wipes or washcloths on hand for sticky fingers and faces when you serve these cinnamon apples!

You’ll need a candy thermometer and some pointed sticks to create these. Kids love to dip the apples and coat them with candy. Just make sure they’re closely supervised to avoid burns.

Caution: As much as kids might want to, an adult should poke the sticks into the apples. They’re very sharp.

Some Final Thoughts

I hope you found a sweet treat to create with your kids for Valentine’s Day. What better way to show them how much you love them than by spending some time together and sharing the delicious results?

What do you think? Do you have a special valentine treat you make for your family? Or will you start a new tradition with one of these? We’d love to hear about it. Please post a comment or photo below.

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  1. Amanda Shaw says:

    i love the marshmallow necklace and the heart-shaped eggs! I”m always trying to find low-cost ways to surprise my kids on little holidays like Valentine’s Day, and ideas that are practical (food!) rather than material-intensive that will just end up in the trash, are absolutely the best.

  2. Holly Chessman says:

    These are great ideas! I love finding easy crafts to do with my kids and they love Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. KJ Ammerman says:

    I’m not in the mood for baking (ever) so these are perfect for me! Great job, Jen!

  4. Thanks, KJ! These should be nice and quick. Which one will you make?

  5. Thanks, Holly! These should be fun to do together. And afterwards, you’ll have a snack!

  6. Thanks, Amanda! I always like food-gifts or crafts, too. Nothing to store away for next year or feel guilty about throwing out! Hope your kids like their surprises.

  7. KJ Ammerman says:

    Probably the chocolate dipped wafers. Those look festive (and they also look the easiest :)!

  8. cheer_girl says:

    i did the necklace…for a test try and i did it compleatly out of frozen chocolate…it turned out great

  9. cheer_girl says:

    i agree with you they are very easy i test tried them…very simple

  10. What a great roundup! Thank you so much for featuring my Easy Dipped Wafer Cookies!

  11. Crystal Foth says:

    These are so cute! I love the “heart” dogs and the marshmallow necklace. Too cute! What fun foodie ideas!

  12. What a FUN FUN FUN collection! Thanks for including the candy apples from my blog! We are honored! @SusieQTpies

  13. Thanks, Susie! I haven’t seen a real candy (not caramel) apple in a long time. So glad we found yours and could share it!

  14. Thanks, Crystal! It’s amazing how many cute, creative things people can make with hearts. So fun to discover them all.

  15. You’re welcome! They’re so pretty and festive and easy to make–perfect project to do with the kids.

  16. Thanks!!! For some reason I started getting traffic from this post again. Lol

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