12 Tasty Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Make With Your Kids

Are you looking for some tasty new dishes to serve at Thanksgiving?

Do you want to bring your kids into the kitchen for a small cooking adventure?

Now you can invite your kids to help prepare some tasty side dishes the whole family will love.

We scoured the Internet and asked top parenting and food bloggers for the best Thanksgiving recipes kids and adults can make (and eat!) together.

In this article, we’ll share our top 12 Thanksgiving side dishes to make with your kids.

You’ll also find a few tips for making it an enjoyable experience.

Check out some simple side dish recipes our top parenting and food bloggers recommended for Thanksgiving that kids and adults can make (and eat!) together.

Why Cook WITH the Kids?

Do you kick your kids out of the kitchen, worried that they’ll just slow you down and make a big mess? (Oh, the mess!)

Messes can be cleaned up, but kids only grow up once. So open a fresh roll of paper towels and make some meal-prep memories with them.


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