How to Make a Treasure Box With Your Kids in 5 Easy Steps

Do your kids need a box to collect valentines at school?

Would they love a cool, customized container for their other treasures?

Don’t panic or get stressed about the overly complicated (or overly girly) boxes you find on Pinterest!

It’s easy to make a custom-decorated treasure box your kids will love. All you need is an empty shoebox, some duct tape and an X-acto knife.

In this article I’ll show you how to create a duct-tape treasure box with your kids that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Create a duct tape treasure box with your kids that's perfect for collecting valentines at school on Valentine's Day and beyond for other treasures.

Why Make a Treasure Box?

What is it with kids and trinkets? Whether it’s pennies, Pokémon trading cards, notes passed in class, valentine cards, rocks or one of a million other kinds of small objects, kids love to collect things.

What may seem meaningless to you is priceless to them (at least at the moment).

A treasure box is a special way for children to claim “their important stuff” and it’s something fun for you to create together.



How to Have a Recycled Gift Exchange Your Kids Will Love

Looking for some light-hearted fun at your family festivities for the kids and the grownups?

Trying to keep holiday spending in check, despite a long list of loved ones?

Wondering what to do with that misguided gift or regrettable impulse purchase?

Dig it out of the closet and get ready to regift! Don’t let the kids have ALL the fun at your holiday gathering. Liven things up for everyone with a good, old-fashioned recycled gift exchange.

In this article I’ll show you how to wrap a great party, open laughter from people of all ages, get rid of the old and leave with something “new.”

Learn how to wrap a great party, open laughter from people of all ages, get rid of the old and leave with something new

Why Have a Recycled Gift Exchange?

Got STUFF? A recycled gift exchange will help you get rid of some unwanted things and have a blast in the process. True, you’ll exchange your items for other stuff, but you may end up with something you like better.

Call it what you want: White Elephant, Yankee Swap—or as it’s been called in the south around Christmastime, “Dirty Santa” (which just sounds wrong!).

By any name, a recycled gift exchange is a fun and memorable event for everyone at your holiday gathering—young and old—and is a great way to exchange gifts without spending any money.



Four Kids’ Water Games to Play in Shallow Water

Are your kids itching to play in some nearby water, but you don’t have their swimsuits?

Looking for new ways to cool off in a shallow creek or kids’ fountain?

You and your kids can make a splash in water that’s only knee-deep and have a ball doing it.

In this article, I’ll teach you to play four shallow-water games that will keep you cool when you need to stay relatively dry.

Kids water games without swimsuits: Four shallow-water games that will keep your kids cool when they need to stay dry.

Why Play Shallow Water Games?

Just let them jump in, you say? It’s true, there’s nothing like bombing into a pool, diving under the waves at the beach or launching yourself off a rope swing into a lake.

But sometimes you need to keep the kids clean and dry. Other times the best you’ve got is a couple feet of water to splash around in.

This is the time for shallow-water games.


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