Top 10 Activities for Kids: How to Have Endless Fun With Your Kids

Want some tried-and-tested adventures to do with your school-age kids?

Looking for something fun to do… fast?

In this article I’ll show you the 10 most popular My Kids’ Adventures articles of 2013.

Whether you discover something new from this list or revisit a favorite activity from earlier in the year, you’re sure to find something fun for your family to do together.

Discover something new or revisit a favorite activity from earlier in the year--you're sure to find something fun for your family to do together.

Why Fun With Your Kids?

Our site was launched in July 2013 as a place for busy parents like you to find adventures to do with your kids—quick, easy, inexpensive and close-to-home activities you can do together.

Check out this video from our founder.

We’ve sorted through all of the articles published this year so you won’t have to. The top 10 adventures you see below represent the best of the best—activities that have been tried, liked and shared the most by families just like yours.

You know they’re going to be fun, so here’s a challenge…



10 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Kids

Does your kid need an easy yet creative Halloween costume?

Looking for kids’ costumes that are unique and clever—something beyond this year’s popular commercial characters?

The editorial team of My Kids’ Adventures has found just what you need.

Read on for our top 10 quick, cute and commercial-free do-it-yourself  costumes for kids.

Learn how to make cute, creative Halloween costumes your kids will love. With a good idea and a few inexpensive materials, you can keep the focus on the fun.

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. When else can you watch your kids live out their fantasies of being pirates or princesses?

Halloween helps to fire up the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. It’s a day when everyone can be anyone they want to be.

We love Halloween even more when kids and parents go beyond costume emporiums and create costumes out of odds and ends found in their homes. In fact, we love DIY Halloween costumes so much, we’re bringing you some of our favorites found around the web.

When choosing our list of DIY Halloween costumes, we wanted to find disguises that are doable, wearable and won’t break the bank to make.

Here’s hoping you enjoy them as much as we do!


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