How to Create a Family Bucket List With Your Kids

Do you encourage your kids to dream big?

Are there adventures you’d love to experience together as a family?

Write them down so you’ll have options on hand at a moment’s notice.

In this article I’ll show you how to create a family bucket list.

First you and your kids will share dreams of places to go and things to do together. Then you’ll organize, prioritize and turn your wish list into tangible goals with a fun family project.

Want to have ongoing adventures with your kids? Create a family bucket list of things you'd like to do and a bucket full of memories to remember all the fun.

Why Build a Bucket List?

A bucket list consists of things you want to do in your lifetime (before you “kick the bucket”).

The expression has been expanded to include goals people want to achieve within other time frames as well: before certain birthdays or life events, before holidays or vacations come to an end, before the kids reach a certain age, etc.

The bucket list concept has been around for a while and got a boost in popularity by The Bucket List movie, but it may be new to your children. Once you explain that it’s a way to think of the fun things you’d like to do together, they’re sure to get on board right away with lots of ideas!

It’s fun and exciting to come up with goals using input from the whole family. Kids love to feel that their contributions count.

For this adventure, you’ll actually make a special bucket, then gather, create and preserve a bucketful of family memories.



How to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Kids

Do your kids like things that are shiny, bright and loud?

Want an exciting way to help your kids meet goals?

Hold your own family Mardi Gras celebration! It’s a fun and festive way to kick off the start of a new goal.

In this article I’ll show you how to create a kid-friendly Mardi Gras celebration with costumes, games and cake.

Use the decorations as a Carnival countdown calendar that will help your kids meet a goal.

Create a kid-friendly Mardi Gras celebration with costumes, games and cake. Then use the decorations as a Carnival countdown calendar to help kids meet a goal.

Why Mardi Gras and Kids?

Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations have been held in countries around the world for centuries as a last hurrah before the 45-day period of fasting and contemplation called Lent.

Whether your family practices Lent or not, you can enjoy the colorful party atmosphere of Mardi Gras and all of its accoutrements—the masks, the beads, the parades, the music and the food—from your own home.

Since you’ll be mimicking the party, why not mimic the hard work that follows Mardi Gras, too? It’s tough to start new habits (or stop doing the not-so-good ones) no matter how old you are. This project can help.

Use the celebration with your kids to set them on a path of self-improvement and recycle that sparkly party gear into a colorful tracking chart that keeps the spirit of Carnival alive and helps you and your kids to stay dedicated.


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