How to Turn a Veggie Into a Plant: Gardening the Fast Way

Want to get your kids excited about gardening?

Looking for a secret shortcut to make plants grow fast?

How about a gardening trick that turns trash into food?

Regrow vegetables and fruits to transform them from stems, cores and seeds into fresh, delicious plants you can eat.

It requires very little time and space, and no extra money!

In this article I’ll explain how fun, fast and easy it is to regrow vegetables and fruits with your kids even if you have a black thumb.

Transform fruits and vegetables from stems, cores and seeds into fresh, delicious, plants you can eat, with very little time and space and no extra money!

Why Regrow Your Food?

Two words: instant gratification. Kids today crave it. Adults often strive for it, too.

Gardening is a great family activity to get kids outside and teach them that the food on their plates comes from the earth, not just the grocery store!

If you want to grow a family garden, go for it! It’s fun for kids to watch fruits and vegetables grow and then eat their newly grown bounty. You can use seeds or starter plants, but either method requires some patience.

The quickest way to reap fully grown, edible plants is to regrow your food from the uneaten parts of other fruits and veggies. It’s fun. It’s cool to see the process. It’s instant gratification gardening (or the closest thing to it).



How to Plan and Plant a Garden for Kids

Do your kids like to play in the dirt?

Are you looking for an ongoing project that you and your family can work on together?

Plan and plant a kid-friendly garden this spring with your kids.

In this article we’ll show you how to plant a garden this spring so you can enjoy a whole summer of kids’ gardening fun.

Do your kids like to play in the dirt? Show them, how to plant a garden in the spring so you can enjoy a whole summer of kids' gardening fun.

Why a Garden?

Gardens are wonderful for a variety of reasons. They help the planet and supply local healthy food to your family. Plus, they allow you to get outside with your kids on a regular basis.

Even though a garden can seem to be a lot of work, they are great fun and fairly simple when you plan and prepare.

They key is to choose what type of garden you want to grow as a family, and involve all members in every step of the process. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.


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