How to Have a Farmers Market Treasure Hunt With Your Kids

Do your kids enjoy going to the farmers’ market?

Want to spend even more time wandering among the delightful sights, smells and sounds of your local market?

Discover more about the foods grown near your hometown with a fun farmers’ market treasure hunt.

Don’t just buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn where they come from and how they grow, and support local farmers in the process.

In this article I’ll show you how to make the most of your trip to the local farmers’ market by having a treasure hunt with your kids.

Want a fun way to teach kids about fresh, healthy food? Have a farmer's market treasure hunt, an exciting way to learn about fruits and vegetables grown nearby.

Why Have a Farmers’ Market Treasure Hunt?

Whether you regularly go to the farmers’ market with your family or as a special event, a treasure hunt will help you make the most out of your experience.

A farmers’ market is the perfect backdrop for a unique learning quest, where the treasure is the bounty of colorful produce.

Don’t just breeze past the vendors to pick up a few groceries—learn about them.

With the treasure hunt sheet as a guide, use this adventure to get to know those vendors by name, discover how the farmers get the food from the field to the market, and learn how to recognize the local produce that’s in season and more.

As a bonus, by showing interest, you may even get some extra free samples.



How to Plan a Birthday Freebie Adventure With Your Kids

Looking for a fun new way to celebrate your kids’ birthdays? (Or yours?)

Ever sign up for a store or restaurant’s birthday club?

Turn those coupons and emails for birthday freebies into a fun family adventure!

In this article I’ll show you how to search for birthday freebies and deals in your neighborhood and use them for a fun family celebration that costs next to nothing.

Ever sign up for a store or restaurant birthday club? Turn the coupons and emails for birthday freebies into a fun family adventure that costs next to nothing!

Why a Birthday Adventure?

Birthday parties are usually all about the kids, but with the birthday freebie adventure, your whole family (parents, too!) can celebrate together every time one of you has your big day. And the celebration can go on during the whole birthday month.

It’s simple. You’ve probably already signed up for free birthday stuff from your favorite restaurants and shops. In this adventure you sign up for several birthday freebies and make your way from place to place, enjoying the birthday treats together. It’s like a treasure hunt or a progressive dinner where free (or heavily discounted) goodies are the prize.

Make the most of all of the birthdays in your family and start an inexpensive tradition that creates great family memories.



Busting Boredom: Fun Activities for Your Kids

podcast iconDo your kids complain about being bored all the time?

Having trouble coming up with ideas for quick, simple activities to do together?

Time to start busting boredom!

To help you discover lots of fun, easy activities you can do with your kids, I interview Holly Homer for this episode of the Parenting Adventures podcast.

More About This Show

parenting adventures podcast michael stelznerThe Parenting Adventures podcast is a show from My Kids’ Adventures.

It’s for parents (and grandparents) who are looking for creative things to do with their kids.

The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).

In this episode, I interview Holly Homer, the owner of and co-author of the new book, 101 Kids Activities.

Her blog is a treasure trove of amazing kid-friendly and family activities. She’s a mom of three boys and a source of inspiration for millions!

Holly shares ways you and your kids can have fun as a family.

You’ll discover why it’s okay to be bored as a family and things you can do to eliminate boredom.

Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below!

Do your kids complain about nothing to do? Start busting boredom! Holly Homer shares lots of fun, simple, kids activities in Parenting Adventures Podcast 6.

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How to Make Toffee With Maple Syrup, Snow and Your Kids

Ever wonder how that maple syrup got to your breakfast table?

Do your kids love sweet treats?

Does your family like music, dancing, good food and great company?

Wherever you live, you can have a sugar shack adventure and bring the traditions of the sugaring off season to your table.

Sugaring off, which usually happens in March, is the time of year when sugar maple trees are tapped for their slightly sweet sap. This sap is then boiled down and transformed into maple syrup. This is the good stuff—none of that corn syrup and water!

And in maple country, it’s much more than that. In this article I’ll show you how to bring to life the best of the sugaring off season, whether you live in Quebec (where 75% of the world’s maple syrup is produced) or amid palm trees in southern California or anywhere in between!

Discover how to harvest maple syrup, make maple taffy in your own kitchen and experience Quebec's sugaring off season from wherever you live.

Why Have a Sugar Shack Adventure?

A sugar shack adventure, commonly known as sugaring off, is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the last days of winter and watch as the world starts gearing up for spring. Sugaring off season is the perfect time to take a walk with your family through the forest and discover various natural processes in the world around us.

It’s also a great time to discuss the seasons with your kids and share with them all of the gifts that nature has to offer. Maple syrup is one of those gifts—a natural, pure and unprocessed substitute for sugar.

In sugar maple country, this is also a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate.

A party to celebrate and enjoy sugar? How cool is that?


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