Balancing Work and Parenting: How to Be There for Your Kids

podcast iconDo your kids complain that you work too much?

Want tips on how to prioritize your responsibilities?

To learn more about balancing work and parenting, I interview Wayne Parker for this episode of the Parenting Adventures podcast.

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parenting adventures podcast michael stelznerThe Parenting Adventures podcast is a show from My Kids’ Adventures.

It’s for parents (and grandparents) who are looking for creative things to do with their kids.

The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).

In this episode, I interview Wayne Parker, who writes about fatherhood for and blogs at He’s also the author of the forthcoming book, Power Dads: The 10 Basic Principles Successful Fathers Use to Raise Happy and Responsible Children.

Wayne shares tips for maintaining balance between work and family.

You’ll discover how to be more present when you spend time with your kids and how to have more quality time.

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Do your kids complain that you work too much? In Parenting Adventures Podcast 7, Wayne Parker shares tips for successfully balancing work and parenting.

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A Fun Family Twist on Bingo For Your Next Big Party

Ever feel lonely in a crowd, even a crowd of your own relatives?

Do your normally outgoing kids turn shy as soon as family flies in for the holidays and files into the house?

Looking for a fun, easy way to break the ice at the big family reunion—to get everyone talking and laughing?

Large holiday gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to get to know the far-flung members of your family tree, but they can be intimidating, especially for kids faced with folks they don’t see often or know very well.

In this article I’ll show you how your kids can lead a fun game of “Getting to Know You” Bingo at your next group event that will jump-start conversations and breach the shyness gap so everyone can get to know each other better.

Lead a fun game of Getting to Know You Bingo that will jump-start conversations and breach the shyness gap so everyone can get to know each other better

Why Play Bingo?

Family reunions and holiday meals are the perfect setting to bring generations of family members together in one place. These events can include large numbers of relatives you and your children have never met or don’t know very well.


When it’s time for your next big group activity, let your children take the lead and offer an ice-breaker to help everyone meet, share and get the laughter flowing.


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