Three Egg Science Experiments for You and Your Kids

Have you ever undressed a raw egg by removing its shell?

Or folded an egg in half?

Or bounced an egg on the table without making it break?

You and your kids can astound your friends and family with three easy egg science eggs-periments.” All it takes is one secret ingredient and a little patience.

In this article I’ll show you how to remove the hard eggshell to discover what lies beneath an egg’s tough exterior.

Remove the shell from a raw egg without breaking it and discover what lies beneath. 3 variations of an easy chemistry experiment for kids.

Why Remove the Eggshell?

Scrambled, boiled, sunny side up… naked? Most kids (and grownups, too) are familiar with the many things you can do with eggs. Wouldn’t it be fun to try something with an egg that you’ve never seen before?

This experiment doesn’t have fire or explosions or bright colors or noises, but it does contain some cool lessons on chemical reactions and osmosis.

Removing the shell may be completely embarrassing for the egg, but it will be fascinating for you and your kids.



Three Food Games to Entertain Your Kids for Hours

Are you looking for fun activities that will occupy your kids for hours?

Have you ever told your kids to stop playing with their food?

In this article I’ll show you how you and your kids can use food for science projects, art and buildings.

Your kids may just learn a few things by playing with their food.

Fun food games for kids: How to use food to do science projects, make art and build things with your kids, while learning new things.

Why Play With Food?

There’s something neat about using food for science experiments, art projects or building blocks. My kids love to take items they usually use in certain ways and repurpose them.


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