How to Make a Piñata From Recycled Materials

Want a fun way to get your kids into recycling?

Looking to harness your kids’ desires to create (and destroy) things?

Make an earth piñata from reused and recycled household items.

It’s more than just a fun recycled craft project for your family. Slip in lessons on global geography, local natural resources and math (like fractions).

In this article, I’ll show you how to make a piñata of the earth and fill it with natural materials for a fun game that also makes the perfect centerpiece for a party, picnic or family day at home.

How to make an Earth piñata with your kids. It's a fun recycled craft, earth day game and lesson in geography, natural resources and math all in one.

Why Make an Earth Piñata?

Creating an earth piñata is a great way to start a conversation about recycling and encourage your kids to think like global citizens. They’ll learn about continents, oceans and nearby natural habitats. Plus, they’ll start thinking about how to recycle and reuse things at home.

It’s also an excellent excuse to host an ecologically centered event that delights all ages. Who can resist a piñata party?


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