How to Create a Musical Cup Concert With Your Kids

Remember banging pots and pans to a beat when you were a kid?

Do your kids love making noise and banging things around?

Got budding musicians at home?

Turn chaos and noise into music and rhythm with nothing more than a few cups and your imagination.

In this article I’ll show you how to use plastic cups as percussion instruments and create a unique family concert to perform for friends or just for fun around the dinner table.

Teach your family to turn chaos and noise into music and rhythm by creating a cup concert.

Why a Plastic Cup Concert?

Imagine your kids’ reactions when instead of telling them to quiet down, you encourage them to make lots of noise, to bang on the dishes, to tell the grownups how to do something… This is the beauty and appeal of a cup concert.

It breaks the rules.

It puts kids in control.

It uses something common in an uncommon way.

And it’s a spine-tingling sensory experience.


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