5 Cute Picnic Food Ideas Your Kids Will Love to Make and Eat

Tired of the same old picnic food?

Want to add some fun to your next outdoor meal?

Make your picnic extra-special. Use the food art ideas below to create the ultimate fun picnic with your kids.

In this article I’ll share five simple, kid-friendly picnic food ideas to help make your next family picnic something extraordinary.

Want to make your picnic extra special? Turn it into a garden. This project has 5 adorable picnic food ideas to make your next family picnic fabulous.

Why Flower Garden Picnic Foods?

There’s nothing like an outdoor picnic. It’s fun to enjoy food you’ve prepared with the people you love in the great outdoors.

When you create cute food art that looks like flowers and other things from the garden, you double the fun with your kids—first by creating the food art and then by eating it outdoors.

These five cute picnic food ideas will bring excitement into your backyard, encourage your kids to eat healthy food and set the stage for an afternoon of fun!



How to Have an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt

Are your kids really excited about Easter?

Is the Easter egg hunt their favorite part?

Would you like to make your Easter egg hunt more about the adventure of hunting and less about a sugar-fest?

Hold an alphabet Easter egg hunt. It’s a fun activity that uses your kids’ brainpower instead of tantalizing their taste buds.

In this article I’ll show you how to plan an alphabet egg hunt, a scavenger hunt that’s fun for your kids at Easter or any time.

How to plan an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt, a scavenger hunt that's fun for your kids at Easter or any time and challenges their minds.

Why an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt?

An Easter egg hunt is the most well-known (and well-loved) scavenger hunt of all. Kids love the excitement of the search and the sweet treasure found inside their plastic eggs.

An alphabet egg hunt includes all of the fun without focusing on the sugar. It will give your kids an opportunity to use their brains and burn some energy while they search for eggs that contain letters of the alphabet.

Let your kids take control of hiding the eggs, too. They’ll love to “be the bunny” and think of creative places to hide lettered eggs, like a “B” egg in the bathtub or an “M” egg in the mailbox.



How to Turn a Fall Walk Into an Autumn Wreath Adventure

Do you find it hard to get your kids out of the house at this time of year?

Want to get them out in the fresh air so they can burn some energy AND get creative?

Cure your cabin fever woes with a fun family activity that will get you all outside for a fall walk that will bring back what you need to decorate your door and welcome holiday guests.

In this article I’ll show you how to make a fun and festive fall wreath with your kids using materials you find on a nature walk.

Learn how to make a fun and festive fall wreath with your kids using materials you find on a nature walk.

Why Make a Nature Wreath?

The colder seasons give us a chance to slow down after the busy summer months and connect with our kids indoors, but it can be a challenge to find activities everyone will enjoy.

This adventure gives your family a great reason to get out and about and burn some bottled-up energy. It also provides a creative way to spend your time when you get back indoors.



How to Do a Library Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Love

Do your kids recognize your local library from the outside, but not the inside?

Has your family forgotten all the interesting things that a library can hold?

If your kids are like mine, you likely hear a round of “Awwww, Mom!” when you suggest a trip to the library to find some books.

But the public library can be a goldmine of fun discoveries for your curious little ones—not to mention a great outing when the weather is bad.

In this article I’ll show you how to explore your local library with your kids through a fun, engaging game they will adore.

Library scavenger hunt: how to explore your local library with your kids through a fun, engaging game they will adore.

Why a Library Scavenger Hunt?

As parents, we know the value of reading and developing a love of books. But sometimes getting your kids to appreciate the world of books can take a bit of creativity.

By introducing a game where your kids compete against each other and earn points for discovering library resources, you can gently nudge them into the world of literature without being pushy.


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