How to Make Homemade Soda With Your Kids

Do you tell your kids “no” when they ask for conventional sodas?

Want a fun project that yields tasty results?

Make your own soda with your family. It’s the perfect project to cool off your kids.

Once you learn how, you’ll be able to make fresh, preservative-free, all-natural soda whenever you want.

In this article I’ll show you how to make and nurture your family’s very own ginger bug. This is the base from which you’ll create all of your homemade soft drinks.

Then I’ll share recipes for watermelon and lemon soda. Once you learn the basics, tap into your creative juices to make virtually any flavor you can imagine.

Want a cool drink with less sugar and no caffeine for your kids? Make your own soda. Ferment a ginger bug, add fruit juice and create delicious carbonated soda.

Why Make Your Own Soda?

First of all, homemade soda is healthier than the kind you buy in the store. It’s also a lot more fun to make your own soda and create your own custom flavors.

For added creativity, name your sodas, make labels and share with friends and neighbors. Why have a lemonade stand when you can create a soda stand?

Making soda takes time: three to eight days to create the ginger bug (don’t worry, it’s not a real bug—a ginger bug is a bit of ginger you ferment to create natural carbonation) and another 12-24 hours to ferment the soda and refrigerate it. But it’s worth the wait.

Work together with your kids to nourish the bug and create the soda. Then enjoy fizzy glasses of it, totally guilt-free and with little worry about the negative side effects of regular sodas.



How to Introduce Your Kids to China With a Chinese New Year Celebration

Looking for a way to add some excitement to long winter evenings?

Does your family like to experience other cultures and try new foods?

Make some noise and ring in Chinese New Year with a bang, no matter where you live.

In this article, I’ll share 5 ways we celebrate the Lunar New Year in China and show you how to hold your own celebration with your kids (including a recipe they’ll love)—no plane ticket required!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in China (Chinese New Year) and hold your own celebration with your kids (and a recipe they'll love)—no plane ticket required!

Why Celebrate Chinese New Year?

Share the world with your kids. While they may be able to see just about anything on the Internet, those images don’t always give the whole picture. Teaching kids about cultures and customs from around the world provides some context.

Activities like celebrating Chinese New Year will give them a taste of what life is like for kids just like them in other countries and help them grow up to be better global citizens.

Plus, Chinese New Year is really cool. It’s loud, bright and exciting… and delicious!

In 2014, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated January 30-31. Why not celebrate with your family?


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