11 Ways to Turn Empty Boxes Into Fabulous Fun for Kids

Looking for something fun and creative to do with your kids?

Got any cardboard boxes ready to recycle?

Create some corrugated family fun! The editors of My Kids’ Adventures have searched the Internet to find cool stuff you can make from cardboard boxes.

In this article I’ll show you how to “upcycle” cardboard into several different projects that your kids will love. So hold off on that trip to the recycling center and read on for some unexpected ideas.

Learn how to "upcycle" cardboard boxes into several innovating and entertaining projects that your kids will love.

Why Make Projects Out of Cardboard?

Remember when your kids were little and they seemed to enjoy the box as much (or more) than the present itself? Preschoolers and toddlers have a knack for turning a plain old box into a car or a boat or some other kind of adventure. Kids are wired to be imaginative and cardboard is the perfect blank canvas.

Feed their imaginations! The fun doesn’t have to end when your kids get a little older. They may just need some bigger ideas. Cardboard can be an awesome medium for anyone to make something fun out of. It’s free, plentiful, strong yet flexible and easy to work with.

This time of year, you might have a lot of extra cardboard boxes around the house. Take a look at those boxes and envision your kids creating something innovative and entertaining. Here are some ideas to help.



How to Build a Playhouse With Spare Cardboard Boxes

Did you ever play in a box as a child?

Do you have memories of a cool fort or a playhouse you made with your mom or dad?

Want to share the same fun with your own kids without much effort?

In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to make a playhouse of any size, using nothing more than recycled cardboard and some tape.

Cardboard playhouse: learn how to make a playhouse of any size, using nothing more than recycled cardboard and some tape.

Why Build a Playhouse?

You can give your kids a place to call their own!

A place where imaginations will soar, adventures will be had or maybe just some quiet alone-time will be enjoyed.

Maybe your children love copying the things you do at home—playing in a kitchen, putting dolly to bed and cleaning the house. Maybe they’d like to fly to the moon in their very own rocket ship. Perhaps they’d like a barn where all of their stuffed animals can live.

Wherever your children’s interests lie, they will love to make and decorate a cardboard house that will allow their imaginations to run wild.


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