How to Make a Mother’s Day Vase That Mom Will Love

Want to help your kids make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day?

Do your kids love creating art?

Does Mom love flowers?

Turn glass jars and containers into a beautiful Mother’s Day vase and surprise Mom with some of her favorite things from her favorite people.

In this article I’ll show you how to team up with your kids to create a lovely personalized Mother’s Day vase and fill it with flowers to show Mom your love.

Team up with your kids to create a lovely personalized Mother's Day vase with your kids and fill it with flowers to show Mom your love.

Why Make a Mother’s Day Vase?

Moms love flowers and presents from the kids (and spouses, of course), and this Mother’s Day craft combines both.

Flowers bring a smile to Mom’s face on any day, but especially on Mother’s Day. The only thing that will make flowers even nicer is a homemade vase created with love to put them in.

These inexpensive upcycled vases are easy to make. As a bonus, you can recycle craft items from around the house. Just add flowers, and you’ll be good to go.

This creative project works very well for siblings. Kids can each make their own unique vases or work together to make a few different ones.

several vases of flowers

For Mother’s Day, make one vase or several. It’s a great family project, whether you work on vases together or separately.

The variety of vases will make a great table centerpiece for Mother’s Day dinner or any night.

You Will Need

  • Various glass containers: empty jam jars, bottles or small terracotta pots
  • Ribbons or lace
  • Craft accessories: felt flowers, hearts, die-cut butterflies or bumblebees, feathers, beads, etc.
  • Self-adhesive fabric paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Card stock or colored paper
  • Flowers and foliage

    supplies needed

    Empty jars and craft items from around the house are all you need to make a lovely vase.

Preparation Time

10 minutes to gather supplies

Activity Time

  • 20 minutes to decorate each vase
  • 30+ minutes to pick up flowers and foliage in your backyard, neighborhood or at the florist
  • 5 minutes to arrange flowers


  • Inside: decorate the vases at a table in your home
  • Outside: gather flowers from your garden, florist or nursery

Some vases will hold just one bloom, others a small bouquet. But all will win Mom’s heart.

#1: Gather the Supplies… and Then Your Kids

Every good surprise starts with a secret meeting. Find a way to get Mom out of the house—she deserves a mani-pedi on Mother’s Day week, doesn’t she?

Since craft time may be limited, before you “game plan” with the kids, gather the supplies you’ll need.

Prepare a selection of 6-8 glass jars of various shapes: thin or stocky, large or tall, so your kids can each choose one or two. Every jar can be turned into a unique vase.

For younger kids, start with a small terracotta pot, which will look perfect with just the addition of a ribbon and some accessories.

Note: You’ll want to help your kids create their vases, but how about making one yourself?

Next, empty your craft cupboards—and Grandma’s if need be—and put items such as colored ribbons, bits of lace, various beads, feathers, solo buttons and so on into a box. If you have older kids, have them help with the preparation.

box of ribbons

Gather your craft supplies so your kids have plenty of decorating options.

Once the supplies are in order and Mom’s out of the house, fill your kids in on the plan. It’s craft time.

#2: Make a Quick and Easy Ribbon Vase

Have each of your kids pick a jar or two to decorate. As I previously mentioned, the kids can each work on their own vases or they can work on several together.

Then let your kids rummage through the treasure trove of craft items, so they can find the perfect soft bit of velvet, wild-colored ribbon or funny-looking beads for their customized vases.

Have each child pick some ribbon to start the decoration process.

Measure a strip of ribbon to fit around the jar with a small overlap, about ½ inch (1¼ cm).

fit ribbon around jar

Measure a length of ribbon to fit around the jar. Leave a little bit of overlap so it goes completely around the jar.

Put one drop of glue on the vase to hold one end of the ribbon, fit the ribbon tightly around the jar and put another drop of glue on the other end to secure it in place. Next, glue a die-cut accessory to hide the overlap.

add butterfly

A felt die-cut butterfly will hide the overlap and give your vase more personality.

If you’d like, glue additional decorations such as feathers, bows or smaller pieces of ribbon onto the vase. Voilà—a simple, creative vase, made with love.

#3: Make a Fabric-Covered Vase

For a more sophisticated look, use self-adhesive fabric paper to cover your glass jar. This will transform any container into a trendy vase in no time.

You can also use scrapbook paper or gift wrap, but if the vase gets knocked over (and believe me, this happens), the paper will be ruined. That’s why I prefer the fabric.

Once you’ve chosen the jar you’d like to cover, measure a strip of adhesive fabric to fit around it. Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the container from top to bottom; no glass should remain uncovered.

add self-adhesive fabric

Measure the self-adhesive fabric so it covers the entire jar.

Cut the adhesive fabric strip and peel off the paper backing. Immediately apply to the jar’s surface and smooth the adhesive fabric out, making sure there are no wrinkles.

smooth out fabric

Smooth out the adhesive fabric so you get rid of all of the wrinkles.

Cut off the excess fabric, and your base is complete.

Now, add decorative items—feathers, beads and so forth—to further customize your Mother’s Day vase.

#4: Personalize Your Vases

Next, make a special card or label for Mom, one for each vase.

Cut a small piece of card stock or use a small piece of colored paper that’s folded over. And have your kids write special messages for Mom. Using a hole punch or scissors, make a hole in the card. That way, you can thread a piece of ribbon through it and attach it to the vase.

make label

Have each child draw a special label for Mom.

Now all your vase needs is a finishing touch!

Wrap a ribbon around the jar. Then tie a pretty bow and add beads at the ends of the ribbon.

Note: You can tie another knot at the end of the ribbon to keep the beads in place.

finished vase

Add a pretty bow and label for the final touch.

Don’t forget to add the label onto the ribbon.

#5: Gather Flowers

Send your kids hunting for blooms and foliage in your garden and in the neighborhood. This is a better alternative to buying flowers from a florist (although you can do that if you’re short on time or have a lack of flowers in your neighborhood).

Have your kids choose what they like. But make sure they ask permission before picking flowers from a neighbor. It’s unlikely someone will refuse to cut a few blooms for a child’s Mother’s Day gift!

Flower Options

One Flower: One beautiful single bloom such as a hydrangea, rose or peony with three glossy leaves will make a stylish gift.

single bloom

One single bloom makes a beautiful gift.

Several Flowers: Several wildflower blossoms in mixed colors such as daisies from the lawn will make a fanciful composition. Some wildflowers fade very quickly, so make sure you have enough varieties to replace those if needed.


Wildflowers also make a nice present.

Foliage: Foliage (or plant leaves) gives volume and depth to a bouquet.

choosing foliage

Choose foliage to add special accents to your flowers.

On your hunt for the perfect flowers, encourage your kids to literally stop and smell the roses. You’ll also want to make sure they notice how varied leaves’ colors can be, depending on the tree or plant. Not all leaves are green… and not all greens are the same.

#6: Arrange Flowers

Once you have the flowers, you’ll want to arrange them beautifully in their vases.

Here are a few tips so you can help your kids put together beautiful and lasting bouquets.

  • Arrange blooms in odd numbers. Either you put one, three or five blooms; even numbers usually don’t look as good.

    vase and bouquet

    Odd numbers give a more balanced look.

  • Cut flower stems short enough so that they’re only an inch or two taller than the vase. Make sure they are long enough to stay immersed in water. Remove leaves beneath the water line.
  • Fill the vase halfway with water. Then, have your kids carefully place each flower into the vase. Make sure they add foliage between blooms to help keep the flowers in position.

    add flowers

    For flower arrangements, use odd numbers of blooms and add foliage so the flowers stay in place.

Remember that flowers bloom very quickly inside. To keep your flowers fresh for Mother’s Day, choose partially opened flowers. And, if you are creating your gift the day before, hide the bouquet in a cool place like the garage.

#7: Have a Happy Mother’s Day

A hand-crafted vase is a Mother’s Day present made with love… and filled with love.

Your kids will be delighted to know that there is such a thing as the language of flowers! Mention that during Queen Victoria’s reign in 19th century England, gentlemen expressed their secret love with gardenias or their admiration with camellias.

For example:

  • Daisy = Beauty
  • Dandelion = Happiness
  • Geranium = True friend
  • Orchid = Love
  • Red rose = Love
  • Yellow rose = Joy/friendship
  • White rose = Humility/innocence
  • Pink carnations = Mother’s love

    finished vase and flowers

    No doubt about it! Mom will know this vase is made with love.

Whether the flowers your kids picked for Mom are associated with luck, beauty, cheerfulness or truth, one thing’s for sure: their handcrafted gift will be cherished!

Some Final Thoughts

Gather up some flowers—along with lots of love—to help your kids make personalized vases for Mother’s Day.

Since the Mother’s Day vase will last longer than the flowers, it will get plenty of use year-round.

vase as pencil holder

Mom will find many uses for her special vase year-round.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to get together with your kids, spend quality time together and make memories along with a hand-crafted gift for Mom.

Don’t forget the main ingredient: The most important thing that goes into a Mother’s Day gift is love.

What do you think? Do your kids like to team up to make creative gifts? Spouses, what gift will you help your kids make for Mom for Mother’s Day? Moms, what special gifts do you want? Share your favorite handmade gift, along with a photo, in the comments!

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  1. Irene O'Leary says:

    Thanks Gaelle for such a great idea for making someone a ‘special’ vase for any occasion.

  2. Gaelle says:

    I’m happy you liked the idea, Irene! What’s cool with this craft project is that each kid can make a completely different vase!

  3. Crystal Foth says:

    What a great creative project! I love it. The vase will surely outlast the flowers and be a cute reminder of a thoughtful gift!

  4. Thanks, Gaelle! This looks super easy. The sticky fabric is a great tip.

  5. Gaelle says:

    I agree Crystal! We have a special shelve at home for kids crafts, I think the vase will end there but at least it can still be useful as well !

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