Father’s Day Recipes Your Kids Can Make With Dad

Does Dad like to grill?

Tired of plain hamburgers and hot dogs every time you barbeque?

Try these great grilling recipes with your kids for Father’s Day and make his day extra-special.

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the Internet for simple, delicious dishes to make for your Father’s Day cookout.

In this article I’ll share our favorite Father’s Day recipes: BBQ that goes way beyond ordinary, special sides and cute, tasty treats to make for Dad.

Choose one of each for a cookout menu that’s sure to please the whole family.

Tired of plain hamburgers and hot dogs when you BBQ? Try these Father's Day recipes with your kids and make his day extra special.

What does Dad really want for Father’s Day? We asked and dads answered: They want to take a day off from chores and responsibilities to focus on having fun with their kids. And one of the activities that ranked highest was to have a cookout.

So fire up the grill, grab aprons for the kids and prepare some delicious BBQ recipes for Dad together.

Give him a Father’s Day filled with good food, family and fun.

kids preparing food

Have kids help prep Dad’s special cookout menu. They’ll have fun and practice their cooking skills. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Read on for 20 Father’s Day recipes. There’s something for everyone, so you’re sure to find something he’ll love.

#1: BBQ Main Dish Recipes


Check out this Rub a Dub chicken recipe from Spoonful. They have 16 Father’s Day grilling ideas from beef to veggies.

barbecue chicken

Your kids will have fun shaking the spices for this chicken rub in the bag.

An easy rub makes this chicken simply mouthwatering and forms a gorgeous crust during grilling. Mix up this spice rub for Father’s Day and enjoy delicious chicken all summer. One recipe makes enough for 5½ pounds of chicken.


Leigh Ann at Your Homebased Mom has a feast fit for a king! Here’s a recipe for BBQ ribs that’s mouthwatering and delish.

barbecue ribs

Have kids “paint” these tender ribs with BBQ sauce. Dad will appreciate their masterpiece!

Check out Leigh Ann’s recipe for the simple secret to tender, tasty ribs that the whole family will love.

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

PopSugar posted this recipe for bacon-wrapped shrimp with chipotle barbecue sauce from Guy Fieri.

bacon wrapped shrimp

Kids can help weave bacon around shrimp and skewer it all.

Guy Fieri would say, “a triple F”—filling, flavorful and fun to eat.


Add a Pinch has menu ideas for Father’s Day breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert. This perfect steak recipe is not only easy, but tasty as well.

barbecue steak

Be sure to prep these at least an hour before cooking to give them time to marinate.

If you aren’t able to use your grill or for some other reason, you might want to try this skillet steak recipe. Don’t skimp on the herbed butter.


If hamburgers are more Dad’s style, check out this ranch burger recipe from All Recipes.


Kids can crush the crackers for these delicious burgers.

These beef burgers are juicy and delicious on the grill or stovetop! Serve on buns with your favorite condiments.

Hot Dogs

If you can’t imagine a cookout without hot dogs, try one of these 20 different, fun and creative hot dog topping ideas we found at Cooking for Kids.

hot dog with chili peppers

You’ve never seen hot dogs like this! Check out 20 different hot dog toppers.

Any of these recipes can be made with veggie dogs instead of beef hot dogs.

Or let Dad build his own custom hot dog with the Hot Dog Bar—Five Ways from the Noble Pig.

hot dog with sauerkraut

Feeling adventurous? Create a hot dog topping bar and let everyone experiment with different combinations.

You can choose from Mexican to Hawaiian—there’s something for everyone’s taste.


In our family, Dad’s favorite food is PIZZA, so we were thrilled to find a grilled pizza recipe from Debbie Madson at Kids Cooking Activities—looks yummy!

barbecue pizza

Kids will love to surprise Dad with pizza to cook on the grill!

The secret to making pizza on the BBQ? Cook the crust on both sides before adding the toppings.

#2: Sides, Salads and Snacks

Shirt and Tie Crackers

Spoonful has some recipes ranging from very easy to difficult for kids to make for Dad. These cheesy crackers look like a smart gift for Dad!

cheesy crackers

It’s a puzzle, a craft project and a snack all in one. What fun!

Your kids will have a ball decorating these crackers just for Dad.

Snack Mix

Snackpicks.com can help you find the perfect recipe or snack for Dad. This cheddar ranch mix only takes 10 minutes to prepare.

cheddar ranch snack mix

Give kids a big spoon and have them stir up this delicious snack mix.

This savory mix of cereal, pretzels and white cheddar crackers is sure to please while you wait for the coals to heat up.


Steven Raichlen’s Barbeque! Bible has a grill lab that explores the science behind skillful grilling and barbecuing.

grilled veggies

Find tips and tricks for grilling veggies perfectly every time.

Check out his recipe for grilling perfect vegetables every time.

Baked Beans

Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman has a great recipe for Boston baked beans—a perfect side dish for any barbeque. And they’re easy to make because you cook them in a Crock Pot!

baked beans in crock pot

Make these traditional baked beans with your kids—they’re a lesson in history and cooking at the same time.

If you want to make Boston baked beans the way the Pilgrims made them, give these a try.

Potato Salad

What’s a cookout without potato salad? This yummy potato salad by Jessie at Life as a Strawberry has just a few ingredients and is so easy to make.

potato salad

The Greek yogurt in this potato salad gives an extra punch and plenty of protein.

This potato salad is particularly great because it’s not only lighter than your traditional mayonnaise-and-sour-cream combo, it’s packed with protein from the Greek yogurt.

#3: Desserts

BanMANa Split

This recipe made us laugh. It’s a BanMANa split for Dad from Kitchen Mom With My Three Sons.

banana split specialty

A banana split especially for the man in your life.

Just make a banana split the way you like it and add something manly to the top of it. What will the kids choose?

Clicker Cake

Does Dad control the TV remote in your house? Make him this very cute clicker cake from Spoonful:

remote control cake

Have your kids add the candy buttons to look like a remote control.

Lawnmower Krispie Treats

For the outdoor dad, the kids can make these very cute lawnmowers from Tiffany at Cute Food for Kids. They’re not only cute, but also very easy to make.

lawn mower krispie treats

Give Dad a break from his lawn-care duties for Father’s Day and celebrate with these adorable treats.

Drinking straws and mini Oreo cookies transform Krispie treats into fun food art.

Candy Card

This is Father’s Day idea from Bits of Everything is a funny card and a candy bar treat all in one. And it’s oh-so-clever.

candy bar card

The kids will enjoy writing some funny words to match the candy bars.

Convey your kids’ sweet sentiments to Dad at your cookout—no baking or cooking required!

Dad’s Root Beer Floats

One Charming Party shows how you can make Father’s Day special by serving up some frosty root beer floats (made with Dad’s root beer of course).

root beer float

A root beer float is a perfect accompaniment to a delicious cookout meal.

A root beer float is a great way to root for dad and celebrate his special day.

Choose your favorite Father’s Day recipes from this list and you’ll have an entire cookout meal—from appetizers to dessert.

Some Final Thoughts

Have a great day celebrating Dad and spending time together at your Father’s Day cookout. I hope you found some recipes that your whole family will enjoy—both cooking and eating!

family barbecuing together

Father’s Day is a great day to barbecue as a family. Image source: iStockPhoto.

What do you think? What are your favorite Father’s Day recipes and treats? Does the dad in your life like to cook out? We’d love to hear about your Father’s Day celebrations in the comments below.

Images from iStockPhoto.

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  1. Holly Chessman says:

    Great ideas! The punner in me especially loves the candy card. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Holly–I like that one, too! We did a different version one year for a teacher thank-you card.

  3. Love this! Fun recipes for all summer long!

  4. Irene O'Leary says:

    This is making me very hungry. I love all the food ideas and especially the lawn mowers…:)

  5. KJ Ammerman says:

    Great job, Jen! My husband would grill year round if he could. Wait…he does (even when it snows)! We needed to try out some new recipes – thank you for finding and sharing these :)

  6. Thanks Debra! If you choose one per week, you could have cookouts all summer long. Have fun!

  7. Thanks Irene! I like the lawn mowers, too. There are so many creative ideas out there!

  8. Ha! I can imagine him out there in the snow, trying to keep warm by the BBQ! THAT’s dedicated! Hope you like some of these new recipes.

  9. Candis Marko says:

    Pizza on a grill? Who knew? Will try that one out for sure! I also loved the shirt and tie crackers. Super creative!

  10. Hi Candis. I’d never heard of that, either! If you try it, I’d love to hear how it goes. Glad you liked the crackers. It was fun looking for cute Father’s Day foods.

  11. Crystal Foth says:

    Great ideas Jennifer – these cheese and crackers is adorable! Love the candy one too! Looking forward to more BBQ this summer- great tips!!

  12. Thanks, Keri. Wow–the hometown of the banana split?! What a fun place to live. Happy Father’s Day to your family, too.

  13. Thanks, Crystal! I’m glad you like the food-art projects! Enjoy lots of BBQs with some yummy new recipes.

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