7 Father’s Day Gift Baskets to Make With Your Kids

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift idea?

Want to help your kids create something that’s handcrafted, personalized and practical?

Try a Father’s Day gift basket, custom-made just for Dad!

The editors at My Kids’ Adventures scoured the Internet to find the coolest themes and best items to include in a gift basket for Dad.

In this article I’ll show you how to make a Father’s Day gift basket full of items Dad will love.

Fill a Father's Day gift basket with Dad's favorite things and create a gift that's hand-crafted, heartfelt, personalized and practical.

Why Make a Father’s Day Gift Basket?

From sports and tech to barbecue and building things, dads like a lot of different things. So why not combine your dad’s favorite stuff into a fabulous gift from the heart?

You can make a hodgepodge of everything Dad loves or pick a specific theme and create a gift basket around it.

The best part about this type of gift is you can combine homemade, heartfelt items to show Dad how much you love him with some purchased presents to add a little pizzazz.

Whether Dad’s the strict disciplinarian or the fun best-friend father (or a little bit of both), you know you’re at the forefront of his mind. Show him why you think he’s the best dad ever with a thoughtful gallery of gifts, wrapped in the perfect basket and sealed with a kiss.

#1: Outdoor Hobbies Basket

Take something Dad enjoys doing in his spare time—in addition to hanging out with the family, of course—and turn it into a gift basket.

For the dad who loves connecting with nature (for example fishing, golf, hiking or boating), make him a gift basket celebrating the great outdoors. The gift basket will be centered around his hobby, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

dad and daughter golfing

Celebrate Dad’s favorite outdoor activity, whether it’s golf, fishing or something else, with an Outdoor Hobbies gift basket for Father’s Day. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Basket: Cooler for drinks and snacks… or for keeping freshly caught fish.

Card: Fishing You a Happy Father’s Day card from Michelle McKinley at Sassy Dealz.

fishing card

Make a card featuring Dad’s favorite outdoor activity.

Craft: You’d be amazed at how many things you can make with golf balls, like these golf ball dogs from Mona at Craft Klatch. Good for golf-lovers and dog-lovers! There are also golf tee porcupines from Lorie at Reading Confetti or golf club sock buddies from Marie LeBaron at Alpha Mom.

Treat: We’re Nuts About Dad nuts jar with printable from Laura Beth at A Step in the Journey. Perfect outdoor snack.

Add lures for your favorite fisherman, golf pen or a visor. You can even make a fishing pole. Something Dad can use when he—and the rest of the family—are enjoying his favorite outdoor hobby.

#2: Indoor Hobbies Basket

If Dad’s not the outdoorsy type, no need to worry. Just put together some of his favorite things to commemorate an indoor hobby, whether he’s into tech, reading, photography, music or anything else.

dad and son playing guitar

Fill a Father’s Day gift basket with things to help Dad enjoy his favorite hobby. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Basket: Tie gift bag from Rebecca Hoffer at Simply Rebekah.

Card: iDad card on She Knows, by Molly de Aguiar, originally posted on her site, Charlotte’s Fancy.

special card

You can customize this card with notes and pictures.

Treat: Make Happy Meal–shaped treats from Bakerella for Dad.

This basket should have gifts centering on Dad’s favorite subject. For example, include a book and bookmark for the reader, a favorite CD or mix tape for the music lover, a picture frame for the photographers or an iPad cover for the tech dad.

#3: Sports Lover Basket

Not all dads love sports, but a lot of them do, whether it’s playing them or watching their favorite team.

Is Dad into exercise? Does he like to play baseball or basketball on the weekends? Does he love watching soccer and football?

dad and son watching sports

Does Dad love sports? Help enjoy his favorite game with a Sports Lovers Gift Basket for Father’s Day. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Here’s what you need to make Dad the perfect sports gift basket:

Basket: Duffle bag for the gym or sporting equipment

Card: #1 Dad Card by Jessica Okui at Zakka Life.

Craft: Sports Frame by Susan Van Sickle at the A Teacher at Heart blog.

sports frame

A little paint and a lot of love make up this Most Valuable Daddy picture frame.

With some basic craft supplies and your kids’ hand- and footprints, you can make the perfect personalized sports gift.

Treat: Basketball Cupcakes from Carrie at Worth Pinning. Note: She’s got some other great sports-themed food too!

Add a ball, bobblehead, team cap or some tickets to a game Dad and the kids can attend together, and you’re all set. Be sure to wrap the gifts in the colors of Dad’s favorite team!

#4: Car Wash Basket

For the dad who loves cars, put together a car wash gift basket, like this one from Valerie Deenen at Inner Child Fun.

car wash kit

For the dad who loves his car, put together a car wash kit.

Card: Car-themed card from Lynn Pratt at Stamp-n-Design. You can also watch the video.

Treat: Make Dad a six-pack of snacks! This one’s from Kristyn at Lil’ Luna.

dad and son washing car

A car wash gift basket is a gift, an activity to do together, and a fun outdoor job all in one. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Put all of Dad’s favorite car wash supplies in a hand-decorated bucket.

Bonus: Add a car-themed crown, car shirt and DIY Trunk Tote!

#5: Movie Lovers Basket

Does Dad love movies? Make him a movie lover’s basket.

Basket: Popcorn bucket—you can usually find one of these at the dollar store.

Card: Create a custom clapper board card using the clapper board generator from Fodey.com.

clapper board

Use the clapper board generator to create a Father’s Day card for Dad.

Craft: For mega movie–buffs, make a real clapper board. This one is from Dan Chruscinski at eHow.

Treat: Popcorn, of course. You can also make popcorn cupcakes from Spoonful or brownie popcorn bags from Bakerella. Don’t forget the soda “pop.”

family watching tv

Fill a Father’s Day gift basket with everything you need to enjoy Dad’s favorite movies together. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Along with treats, include movie tickets and/or a DVD—there are lots of dad movies from which to choose. You can also make your own movie for Dad.

#6: Tool Time Basket

If Dad likes fixing stuff or building things, make a tool time basket.

Basket: Toolbox—buy one or make your own toolbox.

Card: How Dad Measures Up card from Spoonful.

measuring tape

This tape-measure card has the perfect spot for a special message for Dad.

Treat: Put Dad’s favorite treat in “King of Duct Tape” wrappers from Carrie Sellman, Hostess with the Mostess blog.

Include tools and supplies to build a project with Dad. Make anything from a bird house to a fort. This dad made a roller coaster.

This dad made a roller coaster in his backyard. Granted, not the typical DIY dad.

For the roller coaster, you’ll need a bigger toolbox!

#7: Dad Is Awesome Basket

Show Dad how much you love him by filling this basket with things that represent why Dad is terrific.

Basket: Decorated memory box.

Card: This Much card from Tiff Keetch or Father’s Day Tie card from Linda at Little Family Fun. Be sure to include a thoughtful note!

Crafts: Dad Rocks paperweight from Amanda Formano at Crafts by Amanda; Dad trophy from Elementary Art Fun; and Super Dad Medal from Allison McDonald at No Time for Flash Cards.

dad rocks

Show Dad you think he “rocks” on Father’s Day.

Treats: Wrap Dad’s favorite treats—maybe some Father’s Day tie cookies from Somewhat Simple—with secret stash tags. Get the printables from Eighteen25.

fathers day gift

Show Dad how awesome he is with a gift basket full of things celebrating him. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Add a Dad questionnaire, coupons and a story and/or picture of your favorite Dad memory. Don’t forget to make a picture frame.

Some Final Thoughts

Whether you fill a gift basket with Dad’s favorite things, mix and match ideas from different gift baskets or come up with ideas of your own, a basket of love is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Combine fun crafts with personalized presents for a gift that shows Dad how much you love and appreciate him!

What do you think? Will you make a gift basket for Dad this year? What sorts of things will you put in it? What other gift basket ideas do you have? We’d love to read your ideas and see pictures from your special Father’s Day gift basket.

Images from iStockPhoto.

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  1. Thanks, Debra–Lots of great ideas!! We’ve done a movie gift basket before, and it’s so much fun!

  2. KJ Ammerman says:

    I usually do a gift basket with the kids for Father’s Day. Thanks for all the great, new ideas!!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! It’s difficult to pick just one gift, right? This way you can combine lots of gifts into one.

  4. Thanks, KJ! You’ll have to let us know what you do this year!

  5. Crystal Foth says:

    Great basket ideas! Thank you!

  6. Thanks, Crystal! Appreciate it!

  7. These are all great ways to make Dad’s Day special. I’m always working with adults who make professional gift baskets. This post proves why they ought to take the day off and let the kids create their concepts.

  8. Rocco DeLeo says:

    ok now I want a roller coaster in my back yard

  9. Thanks for your comment, Shirley! I am definitely pro-gift basket for any occasion – they should be as fun and creative as possible to make giving the gift as fun as receiving it!

  10. I know, right? Me too!

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