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Thanks for your interest in My Kids’ Adventures.

This online magazine is for the busy parent looking for fun adventures to do with his or her kids.

And when we say adventures, we mean unusual and creative activities that can be done in the home, the backyard or the great outdoors.

Watch this video to hear why I started My Kids’ Adventures

We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for our launch this summer.

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About the Author, Michael Stelzner

I am a dad of three kids, the founder of My Kids' Adventures and the founder of Social Media Examiner. I also host the Parenting Adventures podcast. Other posts by »


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  2. Wes Ryder says:

    telll me more i would like to help

  3. Paula says:

    Sounds great – count me in!

  4. Tyler Youngblood says:

    Found you through your awesome podcast. Keep it up! I’m trying to learn how to market my hobby metalworking website to an audience who are largely tech novices (retired machinists). My hope is you’ll have an episode someday discussing non-traditional markets. I’m also going to be a first-time dad in October. Hoping MKAdventures will give me some good ideas. Although I doubt any will be for babies/toddlers. But I’m going to listen/watch/learn just the same. Keep it up!

  5. Dee Dee Kalisvaart says:

    Great idea and one that I’m sure will find a vast audience. I’m a mother of six and I remember times with my older kids (pre-technology era–getting a pager was a big deal) where we enjoyed fun times and activities outdoors, much more than now with my 3 Twitter/Instagram/Xbox addicted kids that are still at home. Watching your video really hit a nerve with me, and I realized that my younger children and I seem to be most familiar with each other’s foreheads, as we all immerse ourselves in our iPhones and computers, barely looking up to notice that precious time we could be using to create great family adventures is passing us by. I’m guilty, as well, of letting my work become my focus in an effort to survive as a single mom just trying to support everyone. So I could DEFINITELY use (and hope to contribute) some ideas for bringing affordable fun back into my family’s life through ‘My Kids Adventures’–SANS technology!! :)

  6. Thanks Dee! I hear you loud and clear and hope this this site empowers parents to bring a lot more fun back to the family

  7. Laura Mann Weed says:

    We must be neighbors, Michael, I recognized all the places you visited in the video. My kids have had the same issues, but we’re really conscious of the need for adventures, so we’ve done lots of those as well, often when they’d rather be home playing games. If you need craft project ideas, that’s my industry, if you need Southern California adventures, I’ve got a huge stockpile of those as well. Happy to help if needed.

  8. Queendee93 says:

    I am a new mom and know exactly what you were talking about having adventures when I was a kid. I def want to bring that to my sons childhood. You have me hooked! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Mike Kawula says:

    Can’t say enough how awesome this is.

    Loving watching the weekly progress as you’re building, very cool.

    Entrepreneurial Successes ~ Mike

  10. You had me at “adventure!” I love this idea and some support in getting our kids off the screens and out into the “wild” is so timely and valuable! Thank you!

  11. Holly Chessman says:

    I’m very excited to see this project come to fruition! I have great confidence it’s gonna be AWESOME!

  12. Ron Vitale says:

    The site is looking fantastic. Can’t wait to read all the articles and share with my kids!

  13. Diane Bianchi says:

    This website is going to be incredible! I’m looking forward to the launch. :)

  14. Dan Staebler says:

    Topic Ideas:

    – Beyond the Dollhouse: My 9 year old daughter has always been an outdoor artist, creating imaginary worlds and homes for imaginary beings… using building materials left by nature.

    – Little Farmers: We have become a strange society when our kids don’t know where or even what their food comes from. Growing things can be a simple, rewarding lesson.

    – Toys Grow on Trees: Challenge kids to play with what’s naturally around them.

    – 101 Kid Spots: There are far more kid-friendly local “attractions” in nearly any community than we think!

    – My Place in the World: Grounding, humility, gratitude and the circle of life. Lessons from nature.

    I’m sure my wife has many more ideas than I, and we’ll pass them along. Great concept!

  15. Chris Sabbarese says:

    Very exciting to see MKA coming together. Looking forward to all the awesome ideas of things we can do with our kids this summer. Will be great to sit down together, look at the great projects and let them make a list of things they’d like to do. What a great resource to us parents Mike! TYVM!

  16. Hey Laura – Great to hear we share a similar passion :). I hope you considered writing for us. Have a look here:

  17. Thanks for your support MIke

  18. Thanks Rosemary – And I think we are learning that adventure doesn’t need to be in the wild, but that is a good place to start

  19. Thank you Diane :) Appreciate your support

  20. Great ideas Dan! Have you registered to write for us here:

  21. Thanks Chris! Exciting times ahead

  22. Jared Easley says:

    Great video! Wow… that pumped me up on several levels. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I watched the video & questioned… what moments am I potentially missing with my family? Thank you for that. Thank you for putting out content for families.

  23. Michael Jensen says:

    Just got back from a vacation with my 3 kids in Hawai’i for 2 weeks, teaching them to snorkel, hiking to the top of mountains, visiting relatives, etc., and realized how much little TV and iPad action they were watching…and also noticed how much less I was too. It was a good wake up call…for both of us, but I also found myself exhausted to keep up with their sense of adventure! Great idea that I hope will catch on….let me know how I can help!

  24. Thanks Jared :) These are serious questions we need to ask ourselves as parents

  25. Thanks Michael! I was also on vacation in Mexico recently and had a similar experience. Helping get the word out would be great :)

  26. Keith Caldwell says:

    I just heard about this great idea on your podcast. I would love to help! Keep doing great things.


  27. Thanks Keith! Have you got on our email list here:

  28. Shannon Curtis says:

    Hi Michael,
    The line in the video ‘kids are finding their own adventures in technology’ I’m sure is huge pain point for many parents including myself. The need to connect with our kids at an authentic level that they will remember all their lives is critical. What a great project idea I’m sure it will be a huge success and one that enhances the lives of others. Amazing stuff.

  29. Thanks Shannon – It is a huge problem, I agree. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

  30. John says:

    Hi. Good to hear of this venture. I work with teens and children, as well as training social workers and teachers. I am privileged as well to have occasions to speak to parents on raising children. I look forward to your insights and the chance to contribute a little. I live in Nakuru, Kenya, so my perspective may be slightly different, but not that much because the world is a global village and it has become flat due to technology and especially social media. Thanks

  31. Thanks John – I hear Kenya is a very nice place

  32. Anna Hewstan says:

    Great idea indeed! Just recently I was looking for an online resource for parents of children that are no longer at the baby or toddler stage, and there is not much out there.

    Looking forward to reading lots of great stories and recaps of adventures. Wishing you much success. – Anna aka mother of a 5 yr & 8 yr old girls :)

  33. Thanks Anna. This is gonna be awesome for you

  34. Paul Cruz says:

    I was on the phone talking to my wife as I left the office. Verbatim I said, “lets do an adventure with the Buddies tomorrow”, My wife, Anne Marie and I have 2 year old twin boys, Hunter and Anderson. I listened to today’s podcast to get insight on a Successful Launch. I am a Mortgage Advisor in Phoenix AZ, and many of my associates want to have a relevant presents online, including myself. Needless to say, I am excited for your launch, this could not have come at a better time for me and our relatively young family. Thank you for all the hard work, I look forward to this next adventure.
    You’re got a, Like, Share, Tweet, and G+ from me!

  35. Thanks Paul. Happy to inspire and thanks for the shares :)

  36. Melanie Kissell says:

    Lovin’ your podcasts, Michael. Keep crankin’ out the good stuff! :)

    I’ve spent the past 22 years raising four daughters on my own — my youngest are twins. (It won’t surprise you my hair grayed early in life. Living in house full of PMS will do that to ya!) LOL!

    Along the way, I witnessed how the glorious era of technology affected my childrens’ lives and let me just say the sights weren’t pretty. They were pretty ugly.

    Activities like making mud pies, riding bicycles, baking cookies, jumping rope, and playing board games disappeared … overnight. Electronics became the new Monopoly game … and the new kid on everyone’s block.

    Many times throughout the years my daughters heard me say, “I’m going to have T-shirts silk-screened with the slogan GIVE CHILDHOOD BACK TO THE CHILDREN!!” Their eyes would roll, of course, and they’d simply tell me I needed to get out of the dinosaur age. Still in all, I wanted to mount a soapbox and preach this message and shout my slogan from the highest mountain tops!

    Thank you for creating My Kids Adventures, Michael. I see it as a grassroots movement toward giving childhood back to the children and a wonderful opportunity for parents to act like kids again. Weeeeee!!! Let’s head over to the park and ride the swings. :)

  37. ColleenConger says:

    Thanks for putting this together Michael. I’ve shared it all over Facebook, including a couple of Mommy & Me type groups I belong too. I’m also looking forward to incorporating it into my 5-year old son’s homeschooling schedule.

  38. billy bynes says:

    Michael, great idea . how can i help

  39. Sally Belinda Broad says:

    Fantastic – can’t wait to see what you have to share!

  40. Bron Hogan says:

    Looking forward to spreading the word about MyKidsAdventures

  41. Rudy says:

    Hello Michael, great site. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my wife and kids. I enjoy watching them learn new things as we explore the world around us. A few years ago, we started coordinating our visits to State and National parks with their school and Girl Scout activities. I found it to be a very rewarding and economical way to spend time with our kids. We have logged many hours of hiking and learned to enjoy Geocashing. I look forward to new ideas I can share with my family. Thank you for all you do.


  42. Tom says:

    Even though we sell entertaining and educational DVDs for kids at Marshall Publishing & Promotions, (and, being a father myself), we think this is a long overdue idea!!! Kids need to be outdoors more, be stimulated more by the world surrounding us and just have some plain, old-fashioned fun! Wishing you the best of luck in this Adventure!!! Tom Edinger – Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc.

  43. Hi Melanie – You said it perfectly. It’s my hope that this site empowers parents to give kids alternative activities that get the doing things that are fun with other people.

  44. Thanks so much Colleen!

  45. Would love your help getting the word out. See

  46. Thanks Rudy and keep doing what you are doing

  47. Thanks Jayashree – I think this really is a need globally and am very excited about where families like yours could take this

  48. Thanks Tom and fully agree

  49. Eddie Treizman says:


    This is such a phenomenal idea! Thank you so much for taking the initiative to help busy parents with creative ideas that will no doubt engage kids and build great memories together…spreading the word out about this awesome site.!

  50. Reporters Vintage says:

    You are awesome Michael! Your good tips on Social Media Examiner has helped me out a lot so i am sure i will be able to get some good ideas from you and your team about kids activities and more. Thanks for tuning me in again (Shauna)

  51. Thanks very much Shauna

  52. Rad Daddy says:

    Found you via Pat Flynn’s shout out. Love your mission here. As a father of two boys, I know the thirst for adventure is huge and that this modern era really makes it easy to sit and miss life and the all opportunities to make a great memory. Thanks for starting this.

  53. Kenneth Kelly says:

    Michael, this is an amazing resource and you are so right, the
    time spent with our children is so special and finite that it is sometimes only
    valued when it has passed by.

    I applaud your insight in creating a website that focuses on what is important in life. Nobody looks back in their twilight years thinking how good it was to work so hard yet so many look back in regret at what slipped by.

    I wish you every strength as you change perceptions and people’s lives, especially the kids who will hold the memories.

    Kenneth Kelly

  54. Thanks very much for your encouraging words Kenneth and I can tell you speak from experience

  55. Pamela Palacios says:

    Great project, keep me posted!

  56. Charles says:

    Great idea. Keep me posted

  57. Andy Lehman says:

    Hey Michael,
    I am the host of a podcast about being a better dad and was wondering if i could get a quick interview with you about i think this website would be a perfect fit for out listeners. Is this something you would be interested in.

  58. Hey Adam – Thanks for your comment. Please reach out to — thanks

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