Backyard Angry Birds: Endless Outdoor Fun for Your Kids

Do your kids love Angry Birds?

Are you looking for ways to connect with your children through the games they enjoy?

Bring the game to life and have some outdoor family fun with your own version of Angry Birds.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create an outdoors Angry Birds game in less than 10 minutes so you can turn a favorite video game into an offline adventure with your kids.

How to make an Angry Birds slingshot in less than 10 minutes so you can turn a favorite video game into an offline adventure with your kids.

Why Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available. It not only teaches players physics but it’s a lot of fun.

I must confess when I first came across the game I spent hours trying to knock down the piggy fortresses myself, so it’s not just for kids.

Angry Birds is fun for everyone. This is why it’s an ideal game to bring into your real life game play.

My kids love Angry Birds and I’d guess that yours do, too. But I’m always looking for ways to encourage my children to spend less time alone in front of their electronic screens and more time together outside.

Do your kids play this all day? Make an Angry Birds slingshot to play with offline.

One solution I’ve found is to find an element of their favorite online activities that can be translated into a real-life activity you can do together.

Recently we made an Angry Birds slingshot. It took less than 10 minutes to put together from things we had around the house and resulted in hours of fun family game play.

Making an Angry Birds slingshot will not only teach your kids (and you) problem solving skills but it will give them some physical exercise and it’s just plain fun!

You Will Need

  • 1 pair of women’s nylon stockings or tights
  • An old stretchy T-shirt cut into a tube (or anything wide and stretchy. We used a belly wrap like pregnant women wear over their jeans)
  • 2 trees or 2 sturdy poles you can tie your slingshot to, about 4-5 feet (1.5 meters) apart
  • Large Angry Birds plush toys (about 5-8 inches [20cm] high). Substitute with teddy bears and other plush toys if you don’t have Angry Birds toys. Tennis balls would work, too.
  • Empty cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, plastic bottles etc. to build your pig fortresses

Preparation Time

10 minutes

Activity Time

Hours of flying, flinging fun


Outdoors in your yard, garden or a local park

If you haven’t yet caught the Angry Birds bug for yourself, you may need to do a little research to learn what has the kids so excited about this game. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showcasing different Angry Birds experiments.

Some videos like the one below even show a cross over between the screen game and the real life game. You’ll have lots of giggles viewing these with your kids.

Get it?

Here’s how to start your own Angry Birds adventure.

#1: Gather Your Birds

If your kids are into Angry Birds, you probably have some of these around your home:

angry birds

Take Angry Birds outside and your kids will follow.

Gather your large size plush Angry Birds toys (5-8″ [20cm] high).

You can also use teddy bears or any soft stuffed toys as long as you don’t mind launching them outdoors.

Looking for a craft project to do with your kids? Look how this blogger was able to transform tennis balls into Angry Birds using different colored Sharpie pens and Liquid Paper for the eyes.

angry birds on tennis balls

Optional: Make your own Angry Birds by drawing faces on tennis balls.

Tennis ball birds will fly a little differently and hit the targets a bit harder, but they’re also lots of fun.

The advantage of using plush toys is that they’re soft, so if anyone is accidentally hit, they won’t get hurt.

#2: Make the Slingshot

It took us a while to figure out what materials would work for the slingshot. I’ll share what worked best so you don’t have to search.

women's stockings

An old pair of women’s stockings are perfect for making an Angry Birds slingshot.

At first we tried to use a pair of women’s stockings alone, but they didn’t quite stretch far enough to tie around the poles. And they were too narrow to hold the bird toys.

stretch material

Testing the stretch of our slingshot material. Not quite enough.

I foraged through my drawers and found an old belly band (a stretchy, tubular piece of fabric that women use to cover their jeans when they’re pregnant). Perfect! The material’s extra width meant that it could easily hold a large Angry Bird plush toy.

What—you don’t have one of those lying around?

You can use an old T-shirt (or anything wide and stretchy) and cut it into a tube.

cutting tshirt

Cut an old t-shirt below the sleeves to make a wide tube.

Cut the legs off of the stockings and tie one around the each side of your tube.

tie sling shot

Tie the stocking legs around each end of the T-shirt or belly band tube.

#3: Find a Location

You’ll need to figure out the best location for your sling shot as well as the best size and type.

These instructions work best in a large yard.

If you live in an apartment or other place without a backyard, you might be able to set up your slingshot temporarily at a local park. You could also buy a small indoor Angry Birds play set or make your own out of Lego bricks, sticks or blocks.

If you have a yard with plenty of space for flinging toys through the air find some poles to tie your slingshot to. They should be 4-5′ (1.5m) apart. Any wider and your stockings won’t have enough stretch.

We used the supports on our back deck. You could tie your slingshot to some trees, playground equipment or a patio cover.

#4: Angry Birds Away!

Once you set up the slingshot it’s time to test it out.

test the sling shot

Testing the slingshot. Angry Bird away!

We had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make the Angry Birds fly, but discovered that if you use one hand to pull the slingshot backward and the other to hang onto the tail you can make the birds catapult a fair distance.

hold bird tail

Hang on to your Angry Bird’s tail while you pull the slingshot backwards to ensure it doesn’t fall out of the sling.

Take turns with the slingshot and I’m sure you’ll have lots of laughs.

It may be enough fun to simply catapult the Angry Birds and watch how far they fly. We found that we didn’t need to make a target at first because the slingshot itself was very entertaining.

#5: Take the Game Up A Notch

If you want to make the slingshot fun even more interesting and more like the Angry Birds video game, create a pig fortress you can knock down.


Use whatever materials/trash you have to build your fortress.

If you’re using plush toys in your slingshot, you’ll want to use lightweight materials such as cardboard boxes and empty cans or plastic bottles. Other materials may be too heavy to knock over.

recycled materials

Use recycled materials to build your pig fortresses.

There are probably plenty of building materials already in your recycling bin. (Just wash them out first.)

Your family will have a great time when they build a fortress, knock it down with the slingshot and then build another one.

retrieve bird toy

Retrieving Angry Birds plush toys from the garden is great exercise.

And they’ll get some exercise in the process.

Why not give the Angry Birds slingshot a try this week?

Some Final Thoughts

However you decide to take Angry Birds offline—whether you create a large Angry Birds slingshot as I’ve shown you here or a smaller indoor version—you’ll be sure to have loads of fun as a family.

My kids have decided to leave our slingshot up for whenever they feel like hurling an Angry Bird off of the back deck.

It’s great stress relief if you’ve had a busy day!

What do you think? Have you ever tried to bring Angry Birds to life in your backyard? Do you have a favorite Angry Birds YouTube video? If you give this a go, I’d love to hear how it went. Please leave a comment or post a picture below.

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  1. This looks like so much fun, Cas. Another great idea for transferring the video game obsession into something outdoors. Thanks!

  2. Dominique says:

    I am so going to try this… 😉

  3. EmilyQuestions says:

    Finally, something worth saving those wine corks for! Brilliant!

  4. You’re welcome Jennifer! We are still flinging stuff out of that slingshot! Great for when you want to take a break from your work! teehee!

  5. Have fun with it Dominique! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Ooo, corks! Great idea. You can make all kinds of things fly! We’ve even put the dog’s bone in the slingshot!

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