How to Have an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt

Are your kids really excited about Easter?

Is the Easter egg hunt their favorite part?

Would you like to make your Easter egg hunt more about the adventure of hunting and less about a sugar-fest?

Hold an alphabet Easter egg hunt. It’s a fun activity that uses your kids’ brainpower instead of tantalizing their taste buds.

In this article I’ll show you how to plan an alphabet egg hunt, a scavenger hunt that’s fun for your kids at Easter or any time.

How to plan an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt, a scavenger hunt that's fun for your kids at Easter or any time and challenges their minds.

Why an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt?

An Easter egg hunt is the most well-known (and well-loved) scavenger hunt of all. Kids love the excitement of the search and the sweet treasure found inside their plastic eggs.

An alphabet egg hunt includes all of the fun without focusing on the sugar. It will give your kids an opportunity to use their brains and burn some energy while they search for eggs that contain letters of the alphabet.

Let your kids take control of hiding the eggs, too. They’ll love to “be the bunny” and think of creative places to hide lettered eggs, like a “B” egg in the bathtub or an “M” egg in the mailbox.

You don’t have to replace your traditional Easter egg hunt. Have an alphabet egg hunt at springtime parties, just for fun during spring break or any other time before the holiday.

You can also recycle the kids’ plastic eggs once the Easter candy is gone, and hold an alphabet egg hunt after the holiday has passed. Who knows? They may want to use the lettered eggs and play throughout the year.

alphabet eggs

Reuse your alphabet eggs for treasure hunts all year long.

In our family we like to “train” before our big annual Easter egg hunt with this sugar-free version. Just like athletes who practice for the Olympic games, we find that brushing up on our egg-hunting skills improves our performance on the big day. It’s also fun, creative and active.

Before we get started, here are some fun Easter egg facts.

Did you know

The egg was originally an ancient symbol of new life in the pagan tradition when there were celebrations to welcome spring.

Eggs were historically valued at Easter because they were one of the foods that Catholics traditionally gave up during Lent, and Easter was the first time they could eat them since Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), 46 days earlier.

In the late 19th century in Russia, the royal families gave each other elaborately decorated jeweled Easter eggs as gifts during Easter.

The largest Easter egg hunt consisted of 501,000 eggs that were searched for by 9,753 children and their parents in Florida on April 1, 2007.

The tallest chocolate Easter egg measured about 34 feet in height and 15,873 pounds. It was made in Italy in April 2011.

Are you “egg”-cited? Let’s get started.

You Will Need

  • 20-26 empty plastic eggs
  • Prizes to put in the eggs (For a sweet treat, you can use jellybeans or M&Ms. If you don’t want to involve lots of sugar, you can put things like stickers or jokes, colorful beads or fish crackers inside the eggs.)
  • A dry-erase marker to write on the eggs
  • A basket or bag for egg-collecting


    Rather than fill our plastic eggs up with candy, we used some of our favorite snack foods: pretzels and cheddar puffs.

Preparation Time

30-60 minutes (This is one of those activities in which the prep time could possibly take longer than the actual game, because it is just as fun.)

Activity Time

20-40 minutes, depending on how well the eggs are hidden


Inside and/or outside

This hunt requires at least two people, and is even more fun with four or six. You can include a parent on each team, invite the neighbors or both.

#1: Set Up Your Teams

First, split into two teams. One team hides the eggs and one team will search for them. Each team will require some knowledge of the alphabet, so you want to make sure there is a parent or older child paired up with prereaders.

hunting for eggs

Searching for the eggs is always interesting. Hiding them is just as fun!

In this game it is just as fun to hide as to find, so here are a couple of ways you can give both teams a chance to hide and seek the eggs:

  • Split the alphabet (A-M, N-Z).
  • Split the location: one team hides eggs outside, while the other team hides eggs indoors (use two sets of eggs or split the alphabet). You can search all at once or take turns searching.
  • Play one round, switch team roles and play again.

No matter how you scramble it, this hunt can take as little or as much time as you want… it’s up to you and your family to decide.

#2: Brainstorm Alphabet Hiding Places

Grab a pen, paper and your family. Then sit down and brainstorm ideas for hiding places that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

egg in plant

Don’t forget the house plants when you are hiding the eggs. We hid this P egg in the plant, but we could have also hid an L egg for Leaves or an F egg for Flowers.

This is a chance to be creative and clever about your hiding places. Depending upon where you live or what’s in or near your home, you could come up with something different and really elaborate on the list. For example, if your dog’s name was “Fido” you could hide the egg for letter F near his dog bed or dog dish.


Be sure to allow plenty of time to brainstorm where to find the eggs. This can be especially fun for older kids who have a great vocabulary.

We’ve included a list of ABC hiding places (PDF) to get you started. Use the blank spaces to add your own ideas, since it’s more fun for you and your kids to make up your own list.

alphabet treasure hunt list

Print out this PDF to help with your brainstorming. It includes suggestions for each letter of the alphabet and room to write your own ideas.

Note: Some letters can be difficult to match with a hiding place, so you may decide to skip letters like Q, X and Z, especially if you are playing with younger kids.

You can split into teams for the brainstorm, especially if you decide to divide the hunt into indoors and out. Or you can brainstorm as a family. If you come up with multiple ideas, the hunters won’t necessarily remember all of the places discussed with the hiders. And if they do, good for them! Think of it as a bonus memory exercise.

#3: Write Letters on the Eggs and Fill Them

Use your dry-erase marker to write a different letter of the alphabet on each egg. Note: don’t mark down letters for eggs that you don’t think you will find an alphabetical place to hide. For example, we had to skip “X.”

marking eggs

Write the letter on the eggs with a dry erase marker. That way you can simply wipe off the writing when you want to use your eggs for other things. Kids will enjoy writing the letters on the eggs and even deciding which egg should be which color.

Next, fill each egg with a prize. These can be healthy treats, stickers or small toys instead of candy. If you want to add a bonus element, put some jigsaw puzzle pieces in each egg. At the end of the hunt, you and your family can take the pieces and do a puzzle together.

Or print this list of Easter jokes and punch lines. They’re formatted just for hiding inside plastic eggs to use on your Easter egg hunt.

#4: Set Ground Rules

To make sure the game is fun and safe for everyone playing, gather everyone together and set some ground rules and expectations.

egg by cat

It’s always fun to hide eggs in funny places. This C egg was hidden next to our cat. Just make sure your “hiding place” doesn’t move around a lot. (Luckily, our cat rarely does much of anything!)

For example, one of our rules was, “no hiding eggs anywhere gross.” It was okay to hide it next to a garbage can, but not inside it.

Here are some other rules that will make your hunt more fun for everyone:

  • Search eggs in the correct order, going from A to Z. For example, if you are looking for the “B” egg and happen to see the “Y” egg on your way, you can’t collect it yet!
  • Hide the eggs in a place where the people on the search team have a fair chance to find them. For example, if all members of the search team are short, no putting them on the top shelf of a bookcase. Team members need to be able to see and reach the eggs.
  • Hide the eggs only in an area where everyone is allowed to go. If kids aren’t permitted to go in the garage or in the home office, don’t hide eggs there.

#5: Hide Your Easter Eggs

This is the chance for the egg hiding team to have some fun. Hide your eggs.

Remember, although you brainstormed ideas as a family, that doesn’t mean you have to hide the eggs in those places.

hiding eggs

Make sure when you are hiding your eggs you do it quietly and the team that will be searching is far away.

As you begin hiding, you might find some new places to hide the eggs. Remember, hide each egg in a place that corresponds with the correct letter of the alphabet.

#6: Start the Hunt!

Now, begin the hunt.

Egg hunting team: make sure you collect the eggs in alphabetical order.

hiding egg on shelf

Shelves, baskets and cupboards are great places to hide eggs for younger kids to find.

Egg hiding team: let them know in advance which letters are being skipped.

egg by dvds

My daughter hid this egg next to the DVDs. If you want to be really tricky you could hide an egg next to the name of your DVDs.

You may want to provide younger kids with a written copy of the alphabet to help keep them going in order. It’s also fun to sing (and re-sing) the alphabet song to keep the little ones on task.

It’s extra fun for little ones to sing the alphabet song as they do the Alphabet Egg Hunt.

As I said before, this is a fun activity for all ages. The hunt can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

Some Final Thoughts

Easter is just around the corner, so get in some practice with a fun and creative alphabet egg hunt. Your kids will be pros at egg hunting and can show off their skills to other friends and family members.

looking up

If you are playing with older children, feel free to hide eggs up high. On top of the curtains was one of our favorite spots.

And why wait until next Easter to try this hunt again? Keep those plastic eggs on hand, and do another whenever you want. For other types of treasure hunts and scavenger hunts, you can also try a Rainbow Treasure Hunt, Photo Scavenger Hunt or even a Global Scavenger Hunt.


What do you think? What did you and your kids find to be the most fun part of your alphabet egg hunt? Did you come up with some hiding places for the really hard letters (Q, U, X, Y and Z)? My kids and I would love to know what clever hiding spots you found that were different than ours. Share your experience and even pictures in the comments.

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  1. Thanks, Christina! My kids are getting bigger, so adding the ABC scavenger hunt will make their Easter egg hunt a little more challenging and fun for them.

  2. Christina Kettman says:

    It’s true. Even my 12 year old can’t resist jumping in and playing when there is a challenge involved.

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for the fun ideas! My hubby gives our family’s Easter Egg Hunt a SUPER BOOST OF FUN by creating rhyming riddles for clues leading the kids to their Easter morning treasures.
    GO TO for
    21 FREE PRINTABLE CLUES in rhyming riddle style just like the sample below….
    a time-saving, fun-boosting, laugh-out-loud collection of clues from Simply Fun Families.

    Now don’t you feel thirsty?
    All this running about
    must make you feel ready
    to drink the milk out.
    So open the fridge,
    and guess what you’ll see.
    It’s another sweet treat
    from your favourite bunny

  4. Christina Kettman says:

    Great idea Karen. I’ll bet you could even hide some rhymes like that in the eggs to give the kids a hint in looking for the other eggs.

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