About My Kids' Adventures

My Kids’ Adventures™ is an online magazine designed to make it easy for busy parents to create adventures with their children anywhere—and it’s from the founders of Social Media Examiner.

Our free articles provide parents (and grandparents) with step-by-step instructions to creating fun activities in the home, the backyard, on the hill behind the house or in the great outdoors.

Our mission is to help you overcome the “I’m bored, I don’t know what to do” complaint you hear from your kids.

A Bit More About Us

This site was founded by a dad of three girls under the age of 12. He’s also a busy working professional who loves his work and is often left with little creative juice after a productive workday.

Watch this video to understand why we exist.

Our Staff

We have volunteer army of writers who produce original content for My Kids’ Adventures.  Here is a list of our leadership team:

Founder: Michael Stelzner is a busy dad of three girls and the founder of My Kids’ Adventures.  He also founded Social Media Examiner, authored the books Launch and Writing White Papers and is the man behind large events such as Social Media Marketing World. He also hosts the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Managing Editor: Jennifer Ballard is managing editor for My Kids’ Adventures. She’s a mom of two boys and has been a Cubmaster, birthday party entrepreneur and marketing writer. In her words, working for My Kids’ Adventures is the “Coolest. Job. Ever.”

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