How to Create Family Jingles With Your Kids

Want to create some unique family memories that don’t cost a dime?

Need a way to help your kids remember important information?

Create a family jingle. It’s fun your family will never forget, and is a great way to improve memory in minds young and old.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create simple, fun and entertaining songs with your kids to make your own family songs.

Create simple, fun and entertaining family songs with your kids and help kids remember important information with your own family soundtrack.

Why Create Original Family Music?

Is there music from your childhood that bring back special memories, emotions and experiences? Would you like to give your children similar feelings when they look back on their youth?

Creating songs together—whether they’re used as art or as information—will give your family something unique to them, something truly memorable and special.

Music Makes Information Stick

As a kid, I used to take afternoon breaks from the heat and watch reruns of The Andy Griffith Show on WGN-TV (a Chicago station) with my dad.

Almost without fail, during the commercial breaks an ad for a carpet company would air. I was a little kid in Alabama with no need for flooring that could only be delivered in the Chicago area, but my young mind memorized the telephone number of the Empire Carpet Company.


This song has been stuck in my head for years!

I can still hear the jingle playing in my head thirty years later! And I bet you’ve got a similar story.

What I didn’t know then is that the marketing and advertising folks behind Empire Carpet were using music as a mnemonic device. (The “m” is silent.) A mnemonic device is a fancy term for a memory tool that allows us to remember pieces of information by putting that information into an easy-to-recall sequence.

This same type of mnemonic device is utilized when we all learn the classic alphabet song. It’s much easier to memorize 26 consecutive letters of the alphabet when we can just sing a song.

The Alphabet song is a mnemonic device.

Using mnemonics increases learning of all kinds. They’re a great way to help your little ones remember everything from household information to schoolwork to family experiences.

A few years ago, we moved into a new house. My wife taught our two kids our address with a simple song that repeats the address over and over again.

Here’s the song we used to teach our kids their address.

By the time our kids were 2 and 3, they had memorized their address. The learning was not based on dry, boring memorization; it was based on a fun song. We still sing it all the time, and it’s been 4 years!

Is there something you’d like your kids to remember? Use a jingle to help them memorize it!

Music Makes Moments More Memorable

Think of some of the most memorable scenes in movies or TV. They are often tied to music that enhances your memory.

Every time you hear “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, you think of John Travolta’s character strutting down the street in the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever.

What about the above-mentioned Andy Griffith Show? The show’s whistling theme song is as much a part of the show as the characters.

Music creates emotion that enhances moments, and also makes life more entertaining.

You can create songs with your kids that will become the soundtrack to your family’s life and experiences. I’ll show you how.

You Will Need:

  • A topic or subject for the songs
  • Simple lyrics
  • Creative music to accompany the lyrics
  • Paper and pen or computer to document the song
  • Musical instruments (optional)
  • Music recording device and/or video recorder (these are also optional, but you’ll thank yourself in the future when your kids are grown and you can still watch or listen to their young selves)

Preparation Time:

0-5 minutes. The only real preparation needed is just waiting for inspiration to strike or coming up with information that you want them to remember.

Activity Time:

5-10 minutes. Thinking of the lyrics and music can take just a few minutes, but it’s also fun to let the kids color lyric sheets, make audio/video recordings or anything else that makes the experience more memorable.


Anywhere: in the car, in the house as you’re tucking the kiddos into bed, on the beach watching the waves lap onto the shore, etc.

#1: Think of a Subject

You can literally write a song about anything. That’s what is so fun and adventurous about original family songs.

Think of important information that your kids need to know. No matter what the subject is, it could probably be conveyed more easily by putting it to music.

think hard

Thinking hard on a subject for our new family song.

Do you find yourself constantly reminding your kids of their responsibilities? Make a song out of them and replace nagging with a fun, singing reminder that they’ll actually listen to.

My family recently wrote a song about our kids’ nighttime routine that we call the “Clean Routine.” Now bedtime goes a lot more smoothly for all of us.

Another source of song ideas is your kids themselves. Write something about their lives into a song.

To make it fun, ask them to imagine themselves in a movie. If their daily lives were set to music, what they would want their character’s soundtrack to be?

Here are a few other examples of the varied topics that you can write about:

  • Create a singing invitation for your child’s birthday party
  • A gift for a grandparent
  • Vacation summary
  • Remembering important information

Can you think of others?

#2: Write the Lyrics and Make Them Rhyme

The next step is to put your ideas into words and make them rhyme.


Thinking of lyrics and song movements.

Keep it simple and get the kids’ input for your lyrics.

Our family’s “Clean Routine” lyrics are listed below. You’ll also see some sample lyrics for the four song subjects suggested above.

The Clean Routine:

Get into the water and wash our hair
Clean our whole body from here to there
Step out, put our PJs on and brush our teeth
Then get into bed because we’re oh so clean

Child’s Birthday Party, Singing Invitation:

Joshua is turning four
He has toys but he wants more
So come and play and eat some cake
At Josh’s party Saturday

A Gift for a Grandparent:

We love grandpa, he’s got grey hair
He says wisdom put that grey hair there
But we all know the truth and we think it’s sweet
He gets a new grey hair for each kiss on the cheek

Vacation Summary:

We woke up and we climbed a mountain
Then we swam in a stream like we were fish
We threw some coins into a fountain
And everyone all got their wish!

Remembering Important Information:

867-5309… no wait, that song’s already taken!

That’s the cellphone for my mom
That’s dad’s cell, he’s got one too

Now go write some lyrics! It will be fun for all of you.

#3: Think of a Fun Tune

The next step in creating a family song is to marry the lyrics with a tune. You can either make up your own melody or add your new lyrics to a song you already know.

Note: This could be combined with step two if your rhyming scheme was based on a preexisting song.

In this video, you can see the clean routine set to music.

Certain songs like these have familiar tunes that your kids already know:

It’s easy to replace the original lyrics with your family’s original words and set your song to a well-known tune.

family singing

Singing songs and hamming it up for the camera.

But the most fun is to encourage your children’s own musical creativity. To do this, give your kids the lyrics and have them sing the song back to you with their idea of what the tune should be. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with!

 #4: Repeat Often

This is where the memories really begin! Sing your unique songs over and over. The more you sing them, the more they become part of your family.

family singing

Goofing off while singing the “Clean Routine.”

Imagine every time a kid or parent remembers a song and starts to sing it, and the whole family erupts into singing and smiles. Good memories are being made! That’s what happens when we sing the “Clean Routine.” And your family will make good memories with your own family jingle.

Some Final Thoughts

Original family songs are keepsakes that can be a memorable and meaningful part of your family’s legacy. Songs allow your family to remember specific information that may otherwise prove challenging to recall. They also bring a family closer together by bonding kids and parents to the creation and the continued singing of the songs.

What do you think? Tell me about the songs you’ve created with your family. What other topics would make great family songs? Please share your thoughts, songs and pictures in the comments below.

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About the Author, Chris Murphy

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  1. Great article, Chris. Your songs look like so much FUN! Thanks for including the videos and showing us how simple it can be to set life to music.

  2. Ben Chilcote says:

    WE DID THAT TOO! We created a jingle for our address – the 2 lines rhyme : Avenue and 45432. Even now whenever I type my address in online or write it out, the song plays in my head. I’ll remember it until the day I die and my kids probably will too.

    There’s another song I sing sometimes to teach the kids left and right:

    The driver in the car sits on the left, sits on the left sits on the left
    The driver in the car sits on the left…. sits on the left in the car
    But the rider in the car sits on the right – he makes sure his seatbelt’s tight
    The rider in the car sits on the right… sits on the right in the car

    The songs work.

  3. Erik Fisher says:

    I know where you live Chris Murphy. :) Great post!

  4. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    Thank you for the kind words. It was my pleasure to add some video to further explain the process. When do we get to hear the Ballard Family Ballad!? :)

  5. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    I agree with the “stickiness” of the songs…I’ll never forget these little jingles, and neither will the kids.
    I love the left/right song. In all honesty, I’ve had trouble (and shame) all my life consistently and quickly remembering my right from my left, but this song is going to help me!
    Thanks for the song to add to my brain arsenal.

  6. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    Erik!!! HaHa.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the post. When I grow up I’m going to be like Erik Fisher.
    By the way, t-minus two weeks until the podcast launches. I’m so pumped!

  7. Gaelle says:

    I love the idea of using the song to ‘remind kids of their responsibilities’ and make it funnier for them, but I think the idea of using it to remember their address is brilliant!

  8. Ben Chilcote says:

    Ha ha – I’ll have to make a video so the actual song can get lodged in your head forever.

  9. KJ Ammerman says:

    Lots of great ideas here, but I love the idea of making a family jingle to remember our home address. Why didn’t I think of that before? Ha ha! PS – My kids watched your youtube videos and think you are SO funny – had to watch them twice :)

  10. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    I’d love to see that video.I’d love to teach that one to my kids as well.

  11. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    Thanks, Gaelle, for the kind words. It has been really remarkable to see how easily our kids pick things up when it is put to music. What are some other topics that you could see writing songs for?

  12. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    I’m glad that your kids liked the videos. We will post new ones songs if folks would like to see or hear other songs.
    Did the article give your kiddos the desire to write and perform their own tunes?

  13. KJ Ammerman says:

    You have to understand…my kids do NOT like music. Not sure where they got that from because my husband and I love music. So it’s amazing that they would watch your videos and ask about the process and even consider making a family song…which they DID! Wow! (I am sure it helped to see your adorable, hilarious kids singing along with you :)

  14. Robin Bermel says:

    Too darn cute. It’s a good thing your family lives in Nashville area because you guys rock! I had a really long, arduous Bible verse to memorize last year. I put it to music for myself, and still can recite it. What’s more, my 5 year old heard me singing it and memorized it too. Mnemonic awesomeness!

  15. Chris Sabbarese says:

    What a fun post :) My kids think I’m crazy for doing this..24/7…now I have proof that others do this too! Lol. Best part is, my daughter has picked up the habit now. We have songs for everything! Thanks for sharing.

  16. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    KJ, you are too kind. I’m so glad that you kids got into the topic.
    Once I started the process of writing this post and recording the kids I realized that I wanted to record them more (either audio or video) so we can look back on them as they grow. They are growing so fast.

  17. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    Isn’t it funny how almost anything put to music makes it easier to memorize!?
    Putting music to Bible verses is a great way to learn them. Similarly, I still can recall verses I learned years ago with songs that I sung at VacationBible Schools… and that’s been 20+ years!

  18. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    Thank you for saying thank you! :)
    Chris, it sounds like you are a fun dad. What is you and your daughter’s favorite song to sing together?

  19. Gaelle says:

    We created one song to sing when leaving on holidays, or on week-ends. It feels so good to sing at the top of your lungs in the car, and creates a good mood for the journey, which is great when your kids don’t like so much to travel!

  20. Ben Chilcote says:

    I wish I could say I had time to make that video!

  21. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    It does look like your a busy man! I briefly checked out your WCS website, and I bet we have a lot in common! Do you have a location (iTunes, SoundCloud, personal website, etc) for your own music? I’d love to check it out. )

  22. ChrisMurphyHub says:

    We love to sing in the car too! I totally agree with how good it feels to sing at the top of your lungs. Is your holiday song a good one to share?

  23. Ben Chilcote says:

    Chris – Don’t have a lot of originals recorded – a dozen or so. But lots of covers.

  24. EmilyQuestions says:

    I wanna family jingle! This is such a cool idea, hoping @MrBoy is not too cool for this one :) Thanks for sharing, Chris. Love the address song, very clever!

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