Top 10 Activities for Kids: How to Have Endless Fun With Your Kids

Want some tried-and-tested adventures to do with your school-age kids?

Looking for something fun to do… fast?

In this article I’ll show you the 10 most popular My Kids’ Adventures articles of 2013.

Whether you discover something new from this list or revisit a favorite activity from earlier in the year, you’re sure to find something fun for your family to do together.

Discover something new or revisit a favorite activity from earlier in the year--you're sure to find something fun for your family to do together.

Why Fun With Your Kids?

Our site was launched in July 2013 as a place for busy parents like you to find adventures to do with your kids—quick, easy, inexpensive and close-to-home activities you can do together.

Check out this video from our founder.

We’ve sorted through all of the articles published this year so you won’t have to. The top 10 adventures you see below represent the best of the best—activities that have been tried, liked and shared the most by families just like yours.

You know they’re going to be fun, so here’s a challenge…

I challenge you to choose one of the adventures below and do it with your family this weekend. Better yet, show your kids the list and let them choose the activity they like best. Then go do it—now!

Here’s our 2013 Top 10 Countdown:

#10: Indoor Camping

My Kids’ Adventures exists to help busy parents like you find fun, inexpensive adventures to do with your kids close to home. Indoor camping has delivered on that promise since the first week we launched, as its place in the top ten list will attest.

Indoor camping, an idea shared by Holly Chessman, lets you combine the excitement of the great outdoors with the ease (and warmth) of your living room. You’ll pitch a tent, tell stories and make S’mores—just like the real thing.

Try indoor camping any time of year to make great memories with your kids.

indoor camping collage
Read the article and learn How to Have an Indoor Camping Experience.

#9: Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Indoor bowling took our readers by storm last summer. It shot to the top of the popularity charts and has never left. We featured it again in December as an activity you can wrap up and give as a gift with easy, printable instructions (PDF).

Your family will love this adventure from Kirsten Nelson that puts a simple but oh-so-intriguing twist on the classic game of bowling: You play in the dark with glowing pins that your kids can help make.

indoor bowling collage

Read the article and learn How to Create Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling in Your Home.

#8: Treasure Hunt Guide

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are the ultimate in adventure activities and the lifeblood of My Kids’ Adventures.

Variations are endless: We’ve brought you different holidays and themes; technology-based hunts using GPS or digital photography and low-tech searches for trash or leaves or animal footprints. There are many more treasure hunts to come.

In her Ultimate Treasure Hunt Guide, Lisa Mason illustrates the basics of how to create a quick and easy treasure hunt for your kids following any theme or interest. She uses a classic pirate-themed hunt to share tips about treasures, maps and clues, and she reveals secrets for making any treasure hunt a great adventure for your family.

pirate treasure hunt collage

Read the article and learn How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids: Your Ultimate Guide.

#7: Cardboard Playhouse

What kid doesn’t love a cardboard fort? The giant box is the best part of any major appliance or furniture purchase for most children, but those big purchases are pretty infrequent for most families.

In his article, architect Carl Croft shows you how to make a cardboard playhouse using spare boxes—no new refrigerators needed! The trick is so simple, you’ll slap a palm to your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” (I did, anyway!)

The cardboard playhouse article has been so popular that we went looking all over the web for other projects you can make from cardboard boxes. Check back in January for our top 11 ideas.

cardboard fort collage

Read the article and learn How to Build a Playhouse With Spare Cardboard Boxes.

#6: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Are your kids planted indoors in front of their video games or computers? This high-tech scavenger hunt is a great way to get them outside to take a closer look at the world around them. The lure of an electronic device (a camera) should be enough to attract your kids’ attention and draw them outdoors. Once outside, nature’s wonders will hold their interest for a while.

Photographer Len Bishop outlines how to send your family on a photo scavenger hunt and shares several tips that will teach you to take better pictures. You’ll love this article for her gorgeous photographs as much as the great activity.

photo scavenger hunt collage

Read the article and learn How to Have an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt With Your Kids.

#5: Harry Potter Potions

Any Harry Potter fans in your house? Bring Hogwarts to life in your kitchen and channel your inner Severus Snape with two potion projects that transform ordinary household items into amazing magical mysteries. Your little witches and wizards will beg to do these experiments again and again.

We brought you this article by Jennifer Ballard (that’s me!) on Harry’s birthday in late July and featured it again along with easy, printable instructions (PDF) in our December gift activities guide. It’s been read, liked and shared by Potter fans or just fans of flames and exploding soap ever since.

harry potter collage

Read the article and learn How to Create Harry Potter Potions: Fun With Your Kids.

#4: Comic Strip

Kids love to read comics, whether they’re online, in a book or in the Sunday newspaper (remember those?). It’s even more fun to turn your own stories into a comic strip!

In his article, Michael Corley shows how your family can develop a story and characters and present them in a real comic panel format that you can share with friends and family online. You’ll even learn the tricks to writing your thoughts in perfect little bubbles.

comic strip collage

Read the article and learn How to Create a Comic Strip With Your Kids in 7 Easy Steps.

#3: Minecraft Treasure Hunt

Published on the day My Kids’ Adventures launched, the Minecraft Treasure Hunt became an instant hit and it’s never stopped.

In her article, Cas McCullough combines the competitive fun of a treasure hunt with elements of the top kids’ video game—Minecraft—out in the backyard. Your kids will love to face the challenges of their very own real-live adventure map, while avoiding creepers and zombies along the way. You’ll appreciate the fact that they’re playing outside.

minecraft collage

Read the article and learn How to Create a Backyard Treasure Hunt, Minecraft Style.

#2: Five Kinds of Slime

Kids love slime! Everybody’s favorite science guy and My Kids’ Adventures friend Steve Spangler teaches us not one or two but FIVE different ways to make the slippery stuff.

We published the article for Halloween, and then featured it as an activity you can wrap up and give as a gift with easy printable instructions (PDF), but slime is cool any time of year. Sliding into the #2 spot after just two months proves that!

slime collage

Read the article and learn How to Make Slime: 5 Easy Recipes for Halloween (or Any Time) Fun.

#1: Halloween Costumes and Pumpkins

The holidays are huge for My Kids’ Adventures and Halloween proved to be the most popular of all! With costumes and candy and all sorts of spooky stuff, how could Halloween NOT be an adventure?

Two articles specific to the spookiest time of year made the top ten. Both were lists of great projects compiled by Deb Ng that our editorial team found around the web—Easy DIY Halloween Costumes and Unique Pumpkin Projects. And both are full of fun and creative ideas to help you celebrate Halloween with your family.

halloween collage

Read the articles and learn how to make 10 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Kids and 10 Unusual Things to Do With Your Halloween Pumpkin.

Some Final Thoughts

So there you have it: the very best of our first 5½ months.

We’ve got many more adventures to come and some exciting new developments planned for you in 2014. More articles, more adventures and more ways to have a great time with your kids.

Go do something fun with your family today! And keep checking My Kids’ Adventures for cool new things to do with your kids in the new year. May you make many happy memories together.

What do you think? Which of these top 10 adventures are you going to do this weekend with your kids? I hope you’ll take the challenge and let me know how it goes by leaving a comment or photo below.

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