Top 10 Kids Activities Websites: Your Guide to Kid Fun, Offline

Are your kids bored?

Looking for some inspiration to bring offline play and fun back to your family?

The editorial team of My Kids’ Adventures has discovered just what you need.

Read on for a list of our 10 favorite sites for awesome kids’ adventures…

Kids Activities Websites: discover 10 activities we found that will help you and your kids find adventures unplugged and away from electronics.

Why Offline Play?

Kids’ adventures come in all shapes and sizes.

Children find adventure in science, food, the great outdoors and so much more.

Though we’re living in an age when many kids like to spend time with their gadgets and video games, our favorite adventures are those that happen offline, together as a family.

My Kids’ Adventures has put together this list of websites to help you and your kids find adventures away from electronics.

Go ahead and use the web to research, but then unplug and have a great adventure.

#1: Discovery Kids

An offshoot of The Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids is a terrific resource for research and activities. Most of what you’ll find here is science-related, but the activities and experiments are so much fun, your kids won’t even know they’re learning.

discovery kids website

Feed kids’ curiosity with science activities from Discovery Kids.

Why we love it: While many activities at Discovery Kids appear to be geared toward tweens, kids from all ages can benefit. Whether it’s puzzles, games or satisfying a kid’s curiosity in the “Curiosity Corner,” Discovery Kids has something for everyone with content parents can’t help but be excited about.

Check out: Worm World to learn more about the types of worms and their habitats or bust up some food myths at the Mythbuster Labs.

#2: Food Network: Family & Kids

Food Network is a great source for adventure in and of itself. With its recipes and cooking tips, parents and kids can plan meals together, discuss kitchen safety and pull together the tools needed for culinary success. The Family & Kids section of the Food Network website offers even more opportunities for families to get together in the kitchen and we think that’s a wonderful thing.

food network family website

Cultivate kids’ culinary skills on The Food Network: Family & Kids.

Why we love it: When kids work with parents to plan and cook meals, they’re opening up their palates to some wonderful new discoveries. This helps eliminate picky-eater syndrome! Besides, what better way is there to encourage a budding interest in the culinary arts?

Check out: How to Safely Include Kids in the Kitchen, 5 Fun Family Breakfast Ideas and New Uses for Peanut Butter and Jelly.

#3: National Geographic Kids

Back in the day, we looked through our parents’ National Geographic magazines for the stunning photographs and tales of far-off lands and cultures. Though National Geographic Kids isn’t your parents’ NatGeo, it’s no less intriguing or educational.

national geographic kids website

National Geographic—geography, history, and world culture since 1888. Introduce a new generation with National Geographic Kids.

Why we love it: The “Weird But True” facts are enough to keep most kids interested, but we’re adventurers, so we especially enjoy the crafts, recipes and science activities.

Check out: Grow Your Own Miniature Terrarium, a recipe for peppermint bark and Sounds Great – Bottled Music.

#4: Steve Spangler Science: Sick Science

When it comes to science, Steve Spangler is The Man. He’s a friend of My Kids’ Adventures and has written articles just for our readers.

Though he’s in the business of selling science and helping teachers and parents to instill a love of science in kids, Steve is also a force to be reckoned with on YouTube. His experiments are fun, messy, silly and noisy. One thing they are not is dull!

Go online to view Steve Spangler’s Sick Science videos. Don’t forget to shut down and try them out on your own!

Why we love it: How can we not love science? A few minutes with Steve Spangler and the words “I’m bored” are quickly forgotten. As parents we also love that Steve recommends parental supervision and never forgets his safety glasses.

Check out: Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction, Shrinking Chip Bag and Strawberry DNA.

#5: Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is the stuff kids’ adventures are made of! Chock-filled with crafts for all occasions, Kiwi Crate shares instructions for making nifty projects and gifts to keep young kids busy for hours.

kiwi crate website

You and your kids can create something cool with the easy projects from Kiwi Crate.

Why we love it: Projects are colorful, unique, attractive and extremely doable. Most activities are easily put together from materials you have on hand in your home. We give bonus points for the squishy, messy, wet projects toddlers and elementary school kids love!

Check out: Stained Glass Apple Printing, Chocolate Dipping Spoons and Fingerprint Trees.

#6: LEGO: Bricks and More

Kids love LEGO! Many of us have LEGO kits at home so our kids can build castles and playgrounds, but how many of us still take time to put away the instructions and build something completely off the cuff? The Bricks & More section of the LEGO website has some terrific ideas for thinking outside the box and using one’s imagination for some very creative building adventures.

lego bricks and more website

Inspire kids to build their own creations with ideas found on LEGO Bricks and More.

Why we love it: Everyone loves LEGO! Seriously, we love Bricks and More because there are times kids need less-structured creativity. Though Bricks and More offers downloadable instructions, it will also inspire kids to use their LEGO bricks in other ways—without having to look up the next step.

Check out: Brick Tac Toe, Speed Build and Monthly Builds.

#7: Science Bob

Bob Pflugfelder has been into science since he was a young kid, and it shows as he shares his love for and knowledge of science on his Science Bob website. Bob loves performing “random acts of science” and encourages parents and teachers to pay it forward by doing the same. Are you up for the challenge?

science bob website

Challenge kids to prove their own hypotheses on Science Bob.

Why we love it: A science project–lover’s dream, Science Bob shares science fair ideas, answers common science questions and even has a research assistance area. We especially love that the science fair projects don’t come with instructions or answers; kids have to do the research on their own!

Check Out: Blobs in a Bottle, The Magic Ketchup Experiment and the Exploding Lunch Bag.

#8: Travel Channel Family

Adventures don’t just happen in our kitchen or backyard, not when the whole world is ripe for exploration! Whether we’re camping, swimming, fishing or riding a roller coaster, any time spent sharing new places with family is an experience worth having. The Travel Channel has compiled some of the best travel opportunities a family can have and they all look like awesome adventures.

travel channel family website

Discover adventures beyond your backyard on the Travel Channel: Family

Why we love it: Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to spending time with our families, but with work, school and sports, we don’t always have the time. Vacations and day trips spent away from home enable us to put the gadgets away and totally focus on family.

Check out: Quebec’s Everest, Best Family Train Trips and 15 Wacky Roller Coasters.

#9: National Parks Service

In the U.S. there are 392 National Parks—protected land for you to enjoy. These are also National Habitats for thousands of species of plant and animal life. The parks allow all of us to explore caves, forests, beaches and roads that will remain wild and free forever.

Most residents of the U.S. have at least one National Park as close as a bike-, train-, bus- or car ride away. National Parks offer affordable family exploration. Active military can enjoy U.S. National Parks for free.

Note: There are also many countries beyond the U.S with National Parks to be explored and enjoyed.

national parks website

Encourage kids to appreciate nature at one of 392 U.S. National Parks.

Why we love it: The National Parks website features areas of interest, listings of all parks, upcoming events, history of the parks and tips for enjoying and identifying nature.

Check Out: The Junior Ranger Program, Virtual Trails and Park Fun.

#10: Streetplay

In the summer, kids in the city have to be home before the streetlights come on, but there’s a lot you can do before the sun goes down. How about a fun game of ring-o-leavio or a good, old-fashioned game of stoopball?


streetplay website

Share your favorite childhood games with your own kids. StreetPlay helps you remember the rules.

Why we love it: Streetplay brings us back to the good old days when we played outside from sunup to sundown! When was the last time you had a lively game of hopscotch or turned a bottle cap into a Skully playing piece? StreetPlay enables us to share memories of our youth with our kids and that’s never a bad thing.

Check out: Marbles, Stick Ball and Box Baseball.

Have you unplugged yet? Set the example for your kids. We’ve narrowed the list so you can spend 15 minutes or less searching these sites together for something fun to do. Then you can spend more than 15 minutes doing something fun with your family. Enjoy!

What do you think? How do you like our favorite sites for awesome offline kids’ adventures? What are your favorite resources? Tell us about the fun activities your family shares by leaving a comment or photo below.

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  1. Thanks for all the great resources, Deb. The Food Network site will be a great help to my 13 year old who is in charge of planning dinner once a week.

  2. Deb Ng says:

    My 11 year old son aspires to be a chef (this week!) and even went to the Junior Culinary Academy. We try a lot of recipes together from Food Network.

  3. EmilyQuestions says:

    +1 for Lego – anything with Lego and @MrBoy is in! Great roundup, Deb!

  4. Deb Ng says:

    Thanks, Emily. LEGO has taken over my house.

  5. Holly Chessman says:

    Thanks for sharing this great list! My 11yr old says thank you too – he’s been exploring the sites you recommended. :)

  6. Deb Ng says:

    I have an 11 year old too, Holly! I’ll continue to share great stuff I find here. Glad you and your son are finding it all useful.

  7. Jacquie Fisher says:

    Great list! We especially like the Webranger part of the National Park Service — kids can earn points in various areas while they learn & explore about nature and wildlife. And Steve Spangler is an awesome science site! I need to check out the Food Network as my youngest has been helping quite a bit in the kitchen lately.

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