How to Stage a Sword Battle With Your Kids, Percy Jackson Style

Want to bring the mythical world of Percy Jackson to life in your own backyard?

Do your kids turn anything they get their hands on into a weapon?

Here’s a sword that won’t hurt.

This one won’t turn into a pen, but you can use it to stage an epic battle of good vs. evil, hero vs. monster or just kids vs. Dad.

In this article I’ll show you how to make an inexpensive (and safe) sword out of PVC and pool noodles so you can duel with your kids. Recreate battles from Percy Jackson and the Olympians books or make up your own family sword-fighting adventure—you and your kids will have lots of fun either way.

Bring the mythical world of Percy Jackson to life in your own backyard using an inexpensive (and safe) sword out of PVC and duel with your kids.

Why Stage a Sword Battle?

Heroes and their swords are a classic theme in adventure stories—from King Arthur and Excalibur to Luke Skywalker and his lightsaber and even Percy Jackson and Riptide. Sword battles have been used in literature and movies throughout time to represent the struggle and eventual triumph of good over evil.

And as long as kids have been picking up sticks from the ground, they have been staging their own versions of these fantastic battles of will and swordplay. It’s even better when Mom or Dad plays the role of the big ugly monster!

It’s great fun until someone gets hurt.

They won’t get hurt with the padded sword I’ll teach you how to make below, so you can let your kids’ imaginations run wild. All you need is a little time, some inexpensive supplies and a space to do battle.


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