How to Turn Old Mittens Into Dolls Your Kids Will Love

Do your kids always seem to lose one mitten–just one?

Do you have a few old pairs that won’t see another cold season?

Are you ready to just throw them all out?

Wait! The trash bin doesn’t have to be the final destination of errant mittens.

In this article I’ll show you how to turn those orphaned mittens into mitten dolls–an easy craft project that’s also a subtle lesson in recycling, math and geography (but we don’t need to mention that to the kids!).

How to turn a stray mitten into an adorable doll. Fun activities to create mitten dolls and teach your kids recycling, math, geography and writing.

Why Reuse Stray Mittens?

Left at school or a friend’s house, dropped in the snow, left in the car or on a park bench—such is the fate of many a mitten. I don’t know about you, but our family ends up with more than a few single mittens every year.

When you clean out the front closet or mudroom and get ready to shift mittens out and raincoats in, you may be tempted to just throw all those orphaned mittens in the trash.

But what if they could provide hours of fun for your kids (and a fun way to practice some important skills, too)?


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