6 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Hiking

Looking for ways to get your kids outside and more active?

Do you enjoy walking through the woods and exploring the great outdoors?

If you’ve ever tried hiking with your kids and wondered why they aren’t as enthused about it as you are, keep reading.

In this article I’ll share six ways to get your kids excited about hiking so your family can enjoy the great outdoors together.

Follow these 6 easy tips to get kids excited about hiking in the great outdoors and to ensure your next family hike is lots of fun for everyone.

Why Go Hiking With Your Kids?

Hiking is an excellent way to connect with your family. There’s a lot to talk about while you explore the wilderness—not just the great outdoors and the things you see. It’s the perfect time to ask your kids about school, friends and their lives in general.

Plus, hiking is a great way to get some exercise and unplug from electronics that tend to rule our lives.

But sometimes it can be quite a challenge to encourage kids to pull on some hiking boots and hit your favorite hiking trail.

I’m here to help.



How to Have a Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt: A to Z Style

Want your kids to focus on the real world and less on the imaginary worlds in their video games?

Looking for a fun outdoor activity that doesn’t take a lot of time to plan?

Hand your kids a camera and head outside for an outdoor activity you can do together. Give it a shot—you may find that your kids like to play with your camera almost as much as their electronic games and gadgets.

In this article I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to plan an A to Z photo scavenger hunt that will get your family outside exploring your neighborhood or park and begging to stay out longer.

How to plan an A to Z photo scavenger hunt that will get your family outside exploring your neighborhood or park and begging to stay out longer.

Why an A to Z Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger hunts are a great way to engage with your kids, but the thought of all the intensive preparation—the maps, checklists and other considerations—can be enough to stop you before you begin. My Kids’ Adventures makes scavenger hunts and treasure hunts easy. And this A to Z scavenger hunt is the easiest one yet! For most families, the school year is busy! There are so many things to get done: homework, reading, car pools and after-school activities all go by in a blur, leaving not much time for fun family activities. An outdoor letter scavenger hunt helped our family get outside doing something fun together without any preparation or mess. I wanted to share it with your family, too.


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