How Your Kids Can Have a Global Scavenger Hunt Without Leaving Home

Do your kids like scavenger hunts?

Would you like to take them around the world without the cost?

Get ready for a scavenger hunt like no other.

Your kids discover fascinating facts about places like Antarctica, the Seven Wonders of the World or a real castle!

Looking all over the globe for unique and unusual places is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on the touchscreen.

In this article I’ll show you how to “visit” some of the world’s most famous and beautiful landmarks with your kids using Google Earth, keep a personal travel journal of your discoveries and make a tasty international treat to celebrate the return from your “travels.”

Visit places around the world with your kids on a Google Earth scavenger hunt. Make a journal of your discoveries and a treat to celebrate your travels.

Why Use Google Earth to Teach Kids About the World?

The world is a wide and varied place. Media and technology are making it smaller, bringing people together like never before. It’s important for kids (and adults, too) to learn about the people, places and cultures that are now so accessible to them.

And there are so many incredible places to see!

It would take a lifetime (and a whole lot of money) to visit them all, but Internet sites like Google Earth make it possible to see real sights around the world that even the most experienced travelers may never visit.

If an around-the-world vacation isn’t in your plans or budget, the great Google Earth scavenger hunt is a fun alternative—a way to use technology to expose your family to places far and wide and have an international adventure together from your own home.


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