How to Make Edible Easter Basket Cookies With Your Kids

Want to explore traditional Easter treats from around the world?

Do you want to make something delicious with your kids this Easter?

How about starting a new family tradition?

Easter is a holiday rich with tradition. In this article I’ll share a few international Easter treats. Then I’ll show how you and your kids can make one of them: a traditional Easter basket cookie from Italy.

Discover international Easter treats and learn how to make a traditional Easter basket cookie from Italy with an Easter egg baked right in with your kids.

Why Bake International Treats for Easter?

Most children are big fans of the Easter Bunny and get excited thinking about the baskets of goodies he brings. And while we love that Bunny too, there’s a whole world of Easter fun to explore!

There are tons of traditions that go along with Easter. In many English-speaking countries, Saturdays are spent preparing for the holiday, while Easter Sunday means going to church, having a meal with family and participating in Easter egg hunts. Egg rolling and egg tapping are also popular activities.

When you look at traditions of other countries, it opens up a multitude of conversations you can have with your kids. In what ways do people in other countries celebrate holidays differently? What foods do they eat? What international tradition would be fun for our family to start this Easter?


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