How to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Kids

Do your kids like things that are shiny, bright and loud?

Want an exciting way to help your kids meet goals?

Hold your own family Mardi Gras celebration! It’s a fun and festive way to kick off the start of a new goal.

In this article I’ll show you how to create a kid-friendly Mardi Gras celebration with costumes, games and cake.

Use the decorations as a Carnival countdown calendar that will help your kids meet a goal.

Create a kid-friendly Mardi Gras celebration with costumes, games and cake. Then use the decorations as a Carnival countdown calendar to help kids meet a goal.

Why Mardi Gras and Kids?

Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations have been held in countries around the world for centuries as a last hurrah before the 45-day period of fasting and contemplation called Lent.

Whether your family practices Lent or not, you can enjoy the colorful party atmosphere of Mardi Gras and all of its accoutrements—the masks, the beads, the parades, the music and the food—from your own home.

Since you’ll be mimicking the party, why not mimic the hard work that follows Mardi Gras, too? It’s tough to start new habits (or stop doing the not-so-good ones) no matter how old you are. This project can help.

Use the celebration with your kids to set them on a path of self-improvement and recycle that sparkly party gear into a colorful tracking chart that keeps the spirit of Carnival alive and helps you and your kids to stay dedicated.



How to Make Snow Cones With Snow: A Fun Kids Project

Do your kids love eating snow?

Do you want an easy way to turn snow into a delicious winter treat?

Make your own flavored snowballs at home!

Many people think of snow cones or shaved ice as summer fare, but they’re even better when you can make them out of real snow in the wintertime.

In this article I’ll show you and your kids how to make backyard snow cones, a flavored snowball snack that’s totally chillicious.

How to make backyard snow cones with your kids, a flavored snowball snack from real snow or the ice in your freezer that's totally chillicious.

Why Make Flavored Snowballs?

Snow is fun… and there’s so much you can do with it. You can make snow forts, have snowball fights and build snowmen. Snow can also be a unique yummy treat you can make as a family. Besides, why wait until summer to indulge in a delicious, icy delight when it’s right outside your door!

If you live in a warm, snow-free climate, don’t worry. You can make flavored snowball treats too! Just use crushed ice instead of snow.



How to Make Toffee With Maple Syrup, Snow and Your Kids

Ever wonder how that maple syrup got to your breakfast table?

Do your kids love sweet treats?

Does your family like music, dancing, good food and great company?

Wherever you live, you can have a sugar shack adventure and bring the traditions of the sugaring off season to your table.

Sugaring off, which usually happens in March, is the time of year when sugar maple trees are tapped for their slightly sweet sap. This sap is then boiled down and transformed into maple syrup. This is the good stuff—none of that corn syrup and water!

And in maple country, it’s much more than that. In this article I’ll show you how to bring to life the best of the sugaring off season, whether you live in Quebec (where 75% of the world’s maple syrup is produced) or amid palm trees in southern California or anywhere in between!

Discover how to harvest maple syrup, make maple taffy in your own kitchen and experience Quebec's sugaring off season from wherever you live.

Why Have a Sugar Shack Adventure?

A sugar shack adventure, commonly known as sugaring off, is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the last days of winter and watch as the world starts gearing up for spring. Sugaring off season is the perfect time to take a walk with your family through the forest and discover various natural processes in the world around us.

It’s also a great time to discuss the seasons with your kids and share with them all of the gifts that nature has to offer. Maple syrup is one of those gifts—a natural, pure and unprocessed substitute for sugar.

In sugar maple country, this is also a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate.

A party to celebrate and enjoy sugar? How cool is that?



How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes for an Indoor Snow Adventure

Do your kids love snow?

Looking for an indoor wintertime activity that brings out the inner artist in your kids?

Make your own snowflakes and take your family on an indoor snow adventure!

You won’t need mittens or boots to fill your house with unique snowflakes—just coffee filters and a pair of scissors.

In this article I’ll show you how to create both simple and complex snowflake designs from coffee filters. Keep reading to learn why you and your children will be eager to cut out a blizzard of snowflakes!

How to create both simple and complex snowflake designs from coffee filters--you and your children will be eager to cut out a blizzard of snowflakes!

Why Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes?

Ah, the first snowfall. Kids can’t wait to get out in that fresh snow and make their marks. But when snow angels, snowballs, snow forts and snowmen lose their luster and the temperature is 5 below BRRRR, what’s next on the winter adventure list?

Ditch the frozen temps and wet gloves to spend an afternoon inside. Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting you settle in for an afternoon of “I’m bored!” or “What can I do?” We’ve all had quite enough of that, thank you very much.

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be outside. Ask your kids how they’d bring the outside in. What would they do if they could make it snow inside?



Cleaning Pennies With Taco Sauce: A Fun Science Project With Your Kids

Do your kids like to pick up dirty pennies off the street?

Are you looking for a fun and easy science project that engages your kids?

Pennies are great to collect and use for art projects. But you can also use the process of cleaning pennies for a fun science experiment.

In this article I’ll show you how to combine a few dirty pennies with ingredients found in your kitchen to do a science project that will knock your kids’ socks off.

Use ingredients from your kitchen for a fun way to clean your kids' dirty pennies. The taco sauce penny cleaner can also be used as a science fair project.

Why Use Taco Sauce to Clean Pennies?

Because you can. It’s amazing what you can do with ingredients you find in your kitchen, and taco sauce is just one fun option. Taco sauce does a great job of cleaning pennies, and the process is quick and easy.

Whether you need a great idea for your kids’ science project or just want something fun to do with all of those grungy pennies, your family is sure to enjoy this experiment.



How to Turn Old Mittens Into Dolls Your Kids Will Love

Do your kids always seem to lose one mitten–just one?

Do you have a few old pairs that won’t see another cold season?

Are you ready to just throw them all out?

Wait! The trash bin doesn’t have to be the final destination of errant mittens.

In this article I’ll show you how to turn those orphaned mittens into mitten dolls–an easy craft project that’s also a subtle lesson in recycling, math and geography (but we don’t need to mention that to the kids!).

How to turn a stray mitten into an adorable doll. Fun activities to create mitten dolls and teach your kids recycling, math, geography and writing.

Why Reuse Stray Mittens?

Left at school or a friend’s house, dropped in the snow, left in the car or on a park bench—such is the fate of many a mitten. I don’t know about you, but our family ends up with more than a few single mittens every year.

When you clean out the front closet or mudroom and get ready to shift mittens out and raincoats in, you may be tempted to just throw all those orphaned mittens in the trash.

But what if they could provide hours of fun for your kids (and a fun way to practice some important skills, too)?



How to Make a Treasure Box With Your Kids in 5 Easy Steps

Do your kids need a box to collect valentines at school?

Would they love a cool, customized container for their other treasures?

Don’t panic or get stressed about the overly complicated (or overly girly) boxes you find on Pinterest!

It’s easy to make a custom-decorated treasure box your kids will love. All you need is an empty shoebox, some duct tape and an X-acto knife.

In this article I’ll show you how to create a duct-tape treasure box with your kids that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Create a duct tape treasure box with your kids that's perfect for collecting valentines at school on Valentine's Day and beyond for other treasures.

Why Make a Treasure Box?

What is it with kids and trinkets? Whether it’s pennies, Pokémon trading cards, notes passed in class, valentine cards, rocks or one of a million other kinds of small objects, kids love to collect things.

What may seem meaningless to you is priceless to them (at least at the moment).

A treasure box is a special way for children to claim “their important stuff” and it’s something fun for you to create together.



14 Easy No-Bake Valentine Treats to Make With Your Kids

Are you looking for some sweet treats to make with your kids this Valentine’s Day?

Looking for a favorite kid-friendly food with a Valentine’s twist for your festivities? Perhaps a heartfelt, heart-shaped snack to surprise your family?

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the Internet for unique valentine snacks that are easy and fun to make together.

In this article I’ll share our favorite 14 no-bake valentine treats to make with your kids.

Looking for a favorite kid-friendly food for Valentine's Day? Discover 14 unique no-bake Valentine treats that are easy and fun to make with your kids.

Why Make Valentine Treats?

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday. What better way to celebrate the day devoted to love than to create something sweet and beautiful with your favorite kids?

Creative cooking projects are lots of fun for children of all ages. They’re a great way to share valuable life skills without it feeling like a chore. And when the end result is something cute that you can eat, everybody wins!

So tie on an apron, hand ’em a spoon and encourage your kids to play with their food by making some of the festive valentine snacks below.



How to Make Door Decorations for a Valentine Surprise

Do your kids like things that are larger than life?

Want to share a sentiment so special it won’t fit on an ordinary card?

Show your valentine how much you “a-DOOR” him or her with a holiday surprise that starts the day with a smile–make amazing door decorations.

In this article I’ll show you how to transform an ordinary door into a doorway of love—a life-sized valentine card that makes someone feel special every time he or she passes the threshold. And I’ll share some really special doors that we found around the web.

How to decorate a door with your kids and transform it into a doorway of love—a life-sized valentine card to make someone feel special in a big way. With Free Printable.

Why Make a Doorway of Love?

Decorating a door is an easy way to make a big impact on someone’s Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great way to help your kids express their love for someone and teach them that kindness, giving and thinking of others doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Imagine arriving at work in the morning and finding your door covered in compliments, good wishes and colorful decorations—just for you. What a way to start the day and keep a smile on your face for hours!

Now imagine how it would feel to give someone else that sense of joy. You and your kids can do just that when you make a doorway of love.



How to Create a Valentine Heart Garland Craft With Your Kids

Looking for a way to brighten someone’s heart or to celebrate the holiday of love with your family?

Want to show your kids that Valentine’s Day is about caring for others—not about gifts and candy?

Spread the joy of Valentine’s Day with a colorful heart garland to decorate a special celebration.

It’s easy to make with your family, and is a great way to show your kids that you don’t have to go on a spending spree to say, “I love you.”

In this article I’ll explain how to make a 3-D valentine heart garland to decorate for a special meal to show your kids how to express their love through some crafting fun.

Make a 3-D valentine heart garland to decorate for a special valentine meal to show your kids how to express love through crafting fun.

Why Make a Heart Garland?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for people you love—and I think as parents, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids is as sweet as it gets.

These days, we’re bombarded with commercial messages from dawn till dusk insisting that love is always a heart-shaped box of candy or an expensive night on the town. It’s a tough message to escape. And school celebrations are all about the sugar…

An hour or two crafting with your kids followed by a shared family meal is a marvelous way to spend a few hours together and help your children put Valentine’s Day in perspective.


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