10 Unique Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs With Your Kids

Looking for some new, creative Easter egg ideas?

Want to see the latest fabulous trends in dyeing Easter eggs?

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the web for unique ways to decorate your Easter eggs.

In this article I’ll share 10 creative Easter egg ideas from some of our favorite parent bloggers and websites.

With everything from paper eggs to alternative egg dyeing techniques, there’s something to fit every personality. You’re sure to find something to create with your kids.

Discover 10 creative and unique ways to decorate the Easter eggs with your kids from our favorite parent bloggers and websites.

Why Try New Easter Egg Ideas?

As kids get older, they might get bored with the colored egg wash they’ve done in the past. Youngsters may still like the idea of the annual egg dyeing tradition but want to try a new technique to show their own sense of style.

This roundup has 10 ideas to choose from!

You may have seen some of these egg decorations around and wondered how they were done. We’ve found all the best how-tos for you!

Try one of these unique decorating ideas and surprise your kiddos with some “egg”-stra special creations in their Easter baskets or on their Easter egg hunt!



How to Make a Fabergé Egg With Your Kids

Do your kids love to do creative crafts?

Would you like to learn how to make one-of-a-kind decorated eggs that last forever?

You and your family can create your own Fabergé-inspired works of art from real eggs. It’s easy and fun, and the results are beautiful.

In this article I’ll show you how to use authentic Fabergé eggs as the artistic inspiration to decorate your own Fabergé-style egg. First I’ll show you how to hollow out a real egg so your work of art will last forever.

Do your kids love to do creative crafts? Use authentic Fabergé eggs as the artistic inspiration to decorate your own Fabergé-style egg with your kids.

What Are Fabergé Eggs?

These lavish Easter eggs were created by legendary artist and goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé. He was the goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court between 1885 and 1916.

Fabergé eggs are also called Imperial eggs since they were created for the Russian Imperial family. The Imperial Easter eggs are regarded as one of Fabergé’s greatest artistic achievements. They are also considered some of the world’s greatest commissions of art.

You and your kids can decorate your own eggs, inspired by the Fabergé eggs that are worth millions.


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