How to Have an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt

Are your kids really excited about Easter?

Is the Easter egg hunt their favorite part?

Would you like to make your Easter egg hunt more about the adventure of hunting and less about a sugar-fest?

Hold an alphabet Easter egg hunt. It’s a fun activity that uses your kids’ brainpower instead of tantalizing their taste buds.

In this article I’ll show you how to plan an alphabet egg hunt, a scavenger hunt that’s fun for your kids at Easter or any time.

How to plan an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt, a scavenger hunt that's fun for your kids at Easter or any time and challenges their minds.

Why an Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt?

An Easter egg hunt is the most well-known (and well-loved) scavenger hunt of all. Kids love the excitement of the search and the sweet treasure found inside their plastic eggs.

An alphabet egg hunt includes all of the fun without focusing on the sugar. It will give your kids an opportunity to use their brains and burn some energy while they search for eggs that contain letters of the alphabet.

Let your kids take control of hiding the eggs, too. They’ll love to “be the bunny” and think of creative places to hide lettered eggs, like a “B” egg in the bathtub or an “M” egg in the mailbox.


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