Volunteer Opportunities for Kids: 6 Ways to Make an Impact at Their School

Do you and your kids volunteer?

Want to teach your kids the value of hard work and helping others?

Help out at school with your kids!

Most schools have lots of volunteering opportunities and would appreciate your family’s help, even when school isn’t in session. Volunteer together.

You’ll have a great family adventure and make the campus better for everyone.

In this article I’ll highlight several volunteer activities you and your family can do to make a difference at your children’s school.

Want a family adventure that teaches kids community service? Help your kids' school! These 6 volunteering opportunities will make campus better for everyone.

Why Volunteer at Your Children’s School?

There are boundless opportunities to help out at your kids’ school during summer vacation, on in-service days and other days off.

When you bring your kids along to help, you demonstrate the importance of community service and instill values that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. Plus, they’ll feel good about contributing to improving their school.

And there’s plenty to do! Whether you work a few hours, an afternoon or a day or two, every little bit helps.



How to Turn Community Cleanup Into a Fun Scavenger Hunt

Can you think of somewhere in your neighborhood that’s looking nasty and neglected?

Is your park, playground or beach looking less than perfect?

For less than an hour of your time, your family can make a big and visible improvement to your little corner of the world.

And you may just have some fun while you’re doing it.

In this article, I’ll show you how to inject an element of entertainment and competition into a dirty job—picking up trash.

You’ll see how easy it is to plan a community service project with a twist… or a list. A scavenger hunt list, that is.

Cleanup scavenger hunt: how to inject an element of entertainment and competition into a dirty job—picking up trash.

Why Should We Clean Up the Trash?

We all teach our kids not to litter. We keep our homes and our yards clean and try to keep our neighborhoods nice. But unfortunately, trash tends to collect, especially in public areas.

I’ll bet you can think of a place right now that’s looking nasty and neglected… Got one?

There are lots of good reasons to clean that place up. It may not be your job, but it is where you live and helping to keep it nice and safe will benefit a lot of people. Plus, volunteering to clean it up sends a great message to your kids. Maybe it will motivate them to clean up their rooms (or maybe not!).


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