11 Unusual Christmas Toys That Will Excite Your Kids

Tired of looking at all the same “top toys” and not seeing anything your kids will like?

Looking for something new and different to give the kids on your list?

Or maybe something that you loved yourself as a kid?

We’ve got some ideas for you…

My Kids’ Adventures asked top parent bloggers and experts on the web to tell us what favorite “unusual” toys they have at their houses.

In this article, we’ll share their best out-of-the-box gift ideas—and with 10 to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect for your child.

Find the perfect out-of-the-box gifts your kids will play with long after the decorations are taken down.

Why Give Something Unique?

If you’ve started your holiday shopping, you’re probably seeing the same toys over and over. Every year has its “hot” item, its best-seller that’s nearly impossible to find.

But what happens when you manage to get those “top” toys? Your kids (and you, too) may be drawn in by the marketing and social excitement, only to find that the actual toy is not so cool after all. It may break or be relegated to the back of the closet within weeks.


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