14 Easy Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mother’s Day

Want some creative breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day?

Looking for something so easy that your kids can prepare it for Mom?

Grab some aprons and get ready to create a kid-friendly culinary masterpiece.

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the Internet for quick, simple morning meals you and your kids can make together to surprise Mom on her special day.

In this article I’ll share our 14 favorite easy breakfast-in-bed recipes that kids will love to create and moms will enjoy eating. (Because those two things aren’t always the same!)

14 easy breakfast in bed recipes you and your kids can make together to surprise Mom on Mother's Day, recipes kids love to create and moms enjoy eating.

Why Make Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day?

Breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition on Mom’s designated day of rest and relaxation. What could be better than sleeping in a little late and having breakfast served to you by your favorite people?

Kids love to prepare something special for Mom, and moms love the thoughtful gesture—although sometimes the meal kids choose is a bit too sweet for her taste or too complicated for their kitchen skills, no matter how much help they get from Dad!

Check out this recipe roundup for a variety of breakfast-in-bed options that are fun, easy to make and enjoyable to eat.



Snowman Pancakes: A Twist on Winter Breakfast

Want a warm way to celebrate the snow with your kids?

Looking for a tasty treat to welcome winter days?

Start a new breakfast tradition with your family.

Your children will wait with anticipation as the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder to bring one of their favorite outdoor activities to the breakfast table.

In this article I’ll show you how quick and simple it is to create a snowman extravaganza right at your table. Don’t worry, no snow is needed for this fun family treat.

Start a new breakfast tradition with your family--get your kids' help in the kitchen and put a twist on traditional breakfast time.

Why Make Snowmen for Breakfast?

Making pancake snowmen is a great way to get your kids’ help in the kitchen and put a twist on traditional breakfast time.

Making pancakes is fun. Most kids love to help out in the kitchen.

When you transform food into something creative and clever, meal-making becomes memorable.

And when you produce a fun food for a special reason or a particular season—like a school snow day, a holiday break or every Saturday in winter—you create a family tradition your kids will never forget.


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