How to Plan a Birthday Freebie Adventure With Your Kids

Looking for a fun new way to celebrate your kids’ birthdays? (Or yours?)

Ever sign up for a store or restaurant’s birthday club?

Turn those coupons and emails for birthday freebies into a fun family adventure!

In this article I’ll show you how to search for birthday freebies and deals in your neighborhood and use them for a fun family celebration that costs next to nothing.

Ever sign up for a store or restaurant birthday club? Turn the coupons and emails for birthday freebies into a fun family adventure that costs next to nothing!

Why a Birthday Adventure?

Birthday parties are usually all about the kids, but with the birthday freebie adventure, your whole family (parents, too!) can celebrate together every time one of you has your big day. And the celebration can go on during the whole birthday month.

It’s simple. You’ve probably already signed up for free birthday stuff from your favorite restaurants and shops. In this adventure you sign up for several birthday freebies and make your way from place to place, enjoying the birthday treats together. It’s like a treasure hunt or a progressive dinner where free (or heavily discounted) goodies are the prize.

Make the most of all of the birthdays in your family and start an inexpensive tradition that creates great family memories.


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