How to Find and Cast Animal Footprints With Your Kids

Want something fun to do outside with your kids?

Interested in learning about your furry and feathered neighbors while creating unique keepsakes?

Making animal footprint casts allows you and your kids to get creative, crafty and scientific.

I find that kids will voluntarily turn off the TV, head outside with their friends and even practice their math skills without knowing it.

In this article I’ll show you how to locate animal tracks, create casts and start a collection of animal footprints.

Animal footprint casts: get creative with your kids as you find tracks made by everything from dogs, cats and big black crows to raccoons, skunks and coyotes.

Why Collect Casts of Animal Footprints?

Casting footprints is like going on a scavenger hunt; however, instead of you leaving the clues, they’re left by the animals in your neighborhood.

Your kids will become curious about their environment and more aware of what’s around them. You’ll be able to slip in learning, fun and quality time through this activity.


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