How to Play Mummy Tag: A Halloween Twist on an All-Time Favorite

Do your kids love to play tag?

Looking for a spooky twist on this timeless childhood game?

A simple roll of toilet paper transforms a traditional game of tag into a cool new experience your kids will remember for a long time: Mummy Tag.

In this article I will show you a delightfully creepy alternative to a game of tag that will have your kids squealing with delight.

Halloween Game - Mummy Tag: a great way to tap into the Halloween holiday excitement, engage with your kids and get everyone off the couch.

Why Mummy Tag?

There’s something about the game of tag that never gets old—the thrill of chasing and being chased.

It’s always a trip down memory lane when I see my boys playing tag at school or at the park. Freeze tag and cartoon tag were my favorite playground variations when I was a kid. What were your favorite tag games?

I was excited to test this Halloween version of the game with my boys. To my delight and theirs, it was a hit! I’m sure your family will have fun playing Mummy Tag, too.

Mummy Tag is a great way to tap into the Halloween holiday excitement, engage with your kids and get everyone off the couch.

Read on to learn how to “mummify” your kids for a screaming good time.

#1: About the Game

Mummy Tag is similar to a basic game of tag with one exception: The person who is “It” is wrapped up in toilet paper, mummy-style. I was surprised how much fun the kids had with Mummy Tag. It was pretty ridiculous and a total blast.

balloon mummy

Mummy Tag brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

Just in case tag wasn’t a part of your childhood game repertoire, here’s a brief rundown of the basic rules of the game:

Designate one person as “It.”

“It’s” job is to chase everyone else until he or she touches or “tags” another player. The newly tagged person then becomes “It.”

kids playing tag

Play tag anywhere there’s space to run.

This game is perfect in the backyard or at a park. But you don’t have to wait for a sunny day to play Mummy Tag. An indoor gym, large family room or even garage can serve as a substitute during bad weather.

Indoor variation: If you’re short on open space, you can play mummy hide-and-seek instead. Have the “mummy” count to 20 while the other players run and hide. Then let the hunt and chase begin!

Allow at least 15 to 20 minutes for this activity. Be sure to let each kid have a turn being “It” before calling it quits. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t want to stop.

You Will Need:

  • A roll or two of toilet paper (the cheap stuff is perfect)

    toilet paper

    Cheap toilet paper + kids = instant mummy.

  • Two or more players
  • An open space to play (can be indoor or outdoor)

#2: How to Play Mummy Tag

Step 1: Decide which child will be “It” first.

Step 2: Wrap this child up in toilet paper from head to toe (make sure you leave an open space for the eyes so the child can see).

mummy chasing child

Mummy Tag is a fun activity to play around Halloween or just for fun in the dark with flashlights.

Step 3: Have the mummy chase the other kids and tag someone else as “It.” Be prepared for a lot of squealing and giggling!

child being chased

When you play Mummy Tag, the squeals of terrified delight are positively contagious.

Step 4Take a brief time-out to unwrap the first mummy.

parent as a mummy

Don’t forget to take your turn to be “It.” Let your kids wrap you up for a turn as the mummy.

Step 5Wrap up the new mummy and repeat.

#3: Talk About It

I’m a shameless nerd for random facts. Activities like Mummy Tag are a great excuse for me to dig up some random facts to share with my boys (and now with you!).

Here are a few great conversation starters. Share these fun mummy facts with your kids.

These would be great launching points for home-school lessons, too.

NOTE: Some of the mummification facts may be too intense for younger children. You know your kids best. Choose conversation starters or lessons that are appropriate for your kids.

Study it!

  • What is a mummy? A mummy is the body of a human or an animal that has been preserved by chemicals, extreme cold (snow or ice), very low humidity (deserts) or lack of air (bogs). A mummy is more than a skeleton—to be considered a mummy the body must still have soft tissue like hair or skin.

    sylvester the mummy

    This is “Sylvester” the mummy who is displayed in the Seattle Waterfront attraction, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.

  • Where do mummies come from? Not all mummies are from Egypt. Mummies have also been found in various parts of the world ranging from China to the Netherlands to South America. “Sylvester” (above) is believed to be a victim of a shooting in the Arizona desert in the 19th century.
  • Why mummification? Some people and animals became mummies accidentally, like Ötzi the Iceman who was discovered in the Alps in 1991 by a couple of hikers. Many mummies met untimely deaths and were killed, like the bog bodies from the iron age or sacrificed in religious rituals, like the Incan mummies found in Argentina. Others were mummified intentionally as part of a burial process to preserve the body, like the more commonly known mummies in Egypt.
  • How old is the oldest mummy? Short answer: more than 7000 years old. The oldest mummies were found in Chile and date from around 5050 BC. This is more than 2000 years older than the oldest known Egyptian mummy.
  • You can learn a lot from a mummy. Mummies are windows into the past. Scientists are able to learn much about daily life from these mummies, teaching us about the lives, history and cultures of people who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. And if you ask this nerd, that’s pretty darn cool!
  • When did mummies become a part of Halloween? We have Hollywood to thank for the addition of mummies to this spooky holiday. The 1932 film The Mummy portrayed mummies as Frankenstein-like, lumbering figures with bandaged arms outstretched. In the film, a cursed living mummy stalks and terrorizes a woman he believes to be a reincarnation of his lover. This classic flick’s popularity quickly became a Halloween celebration staple.

Mummy Tag offers many opportunities to engage in conversation with your kids. Take advantage of kids’ natural curiosity and share some ancient history while having some fun.

Some Final Thoughts

Mummy Tag is a simple, inexpensive activity to get moving and celebrate this Halloween. Give it a try. Your little witches, wizards, ghouls and goblins will have a hauntingly good time.

What do you think? Did you make any variations to Mummy Tag to suit your family? I’d love to hear about it! Please comment and share pictures of your experience in the box below.

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  1. Thanks, Kirsten! This looks like a lot of fun. Love the mummy facts, too (from one trivia nerd to another!)

  2. EmilyQuestions says:

    OMGness, this looks like so much fun! Definitely going to try this one for Halloween! Thanks Kirsten for such a cool idea!

  3. KirstenNelson says:

    Thanks Jennifer! Always love sharing random facts with other trivia nerds :)

  4. KirstenNelson says:

    You’re most welcome Emily! Hope it’s a hit for you. :)

  5. Leigh says:

    ooooo!!! this sounds fun!!

  6. KirstenNelson says:

    Hope you give it a go, Leigh. It’s good for little kids pretending to be adults, too :)

  7. KJ Ammerman says:

    I love how simple this us! Anyone can get this going in minutes and make fun memories!

  8. KirstenNelson says:

    Simplicity almost always wins in our house. :) Thanks, KJ.

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