How to Host a Family Game Show Your Kids Will Love

Does your family like to play along with game shows on TV?

Think you know everything there is to know about your kids or your spouse?

Looking for a way to channel sibling rivalry and competition into something more positive?

Then come on down! You and your kids are the next contestants on Family Game Show—Valentine‘s Edition!

In this article I’ll show you how to host your own game show to quiz your family’s knowledge of each other in a fun and lively competition your kids will love.

Host a family game show to quiz your knowledge of each other in a fun, exciting and lively matching competition your kids will love.

Why Have a Family Game Show?

Game shows are filled with things kids love: they’re fun, they’re exciting, they’re lively and fast and loud.

Game shows provide a friendly way to pit players against each other—even brother vs. sister or parent vs. child—on an even playing field where kids (or anyone) can test their knowledge or skill.

And they have fabulous prizes!

The Family Game Show lets you turn all that’s appealing about a TV game show into a fun family activity you can stage in your own home. And this version will do something extra: it’ll help players learn more about their loved ones and give your family new ways to show appreciation for each other.

Here’s how…

Do your kids always seem to bicker or compete with each other?

Every mom and dad wants their children to be kind to each other, but constantly repeating, “Be nice to your sister!” or “Be nice to your brother!” only goes so far. (I speak from experience!)

This radio station contestant played a similar game. We don’t advocate throwing eggs, though!

That’s where Family Game Show comes in. It will teach your kids how important it is to learn what brings joy to their siblings and their parents.

When we played, by the end of the game the kids wanted to add their own questions and keep going!

valentine game show

Yay! It’s the Valentine’s Family Game Show!

Just like the old Match Game on TV in the 1970s, Family Game Show asks a series of fill-in-the-blank questions that contestants answer in a way they hope will match the subject player’s answer.

Will your family match all their answers like this contestant did?

You can play this game in teams or individually. Let’s get started!

You Will Need

(If you don’t have candy hearts, you can use other small Valentine’s candies or chocolate chips)

Preparation Time

15 minutes

Activity Time

30 minutes to an hour


Home, or wherever you roam!

#1: Getting Ready

Print the Valentine’s Family Game Show questions (link in box above).

Gather everyone together and give each person a notepad or several sheets of blank paper and a pen or pencil to write their answers.

print questions

Print the Valentine’s Family Game Show questions.

Note: The PDF has space for four contestants. If you have more people in your family, just reuse the same questions for additional players.

Choose one person to be the game show host or hostess. This can be any of the players, but it should be someone who can read aloud.

Have fun with the game show host role—overact, use your pen as a microphone and ham it up to make the game lots of fun.

#2: Sweet Talk

Pour candy hearts (or other candy prizes) into a bowl. The game show host should point out the “fabulous prizes” that can be won in the upcoming game.

pouring candy

Tempt players to get answers right with a tasty prize.

Remind your children that one way to show love is to take an interest in what brings others joy. By learning this, your children will know how to brighten their siblings’ and parents’ day.

bowl candy hearts

Sweet prizes for the contestants!

Before you start to play, you might want to review the rules of good sportsmanship, too.

#3: Begin the Game

Select one player to be Contestant #1.

Contestant #1 should leave the room and go to a place where he or she can’t hear what the others are saying. The Contestant #1 could also wear headphones to block sound.

The host can play it up and pretend Contestant #1 is entering a soundproof booth like on a real game show.

contestant leaving room

Contestant #1 leaves the room and enters the “soundproof booth.”

The host should write Contestant #1’s name on the printed question sheet and read the first question with its multiple-choice answers.

host reading question

The host reads question #1.

All of the players (including the host) should each write “#1” and an answer to question #1 on a sheet of paper.

player writing answer

Players write down the answers (or their best guesses).

When everyone has answered, the host should read the second question for Contestant #1.

Players write “#2” and their answers to question #2 on a fresh sheet of paper.

Repeat for question #3.

At this point, someone retrieves Contestant #1 from the “soundproof booth” and both return to the game room.

The other players should keep their answers secret until it’s time to reveal them.

contestant returns to room

Contestant #1 returns to give her answers.

Now the host should repeat each question to Contestant #1.

giving answers

Contestant #1 listens as the host asks the questions again for her to answer.

Contestant #1 should answer the first question.

Then the host should call the other players to hold up their answers so everyone can see who got it right.

holding up answers

Who got it right? Players hold up their answers.

Celebrate how well you know Contestant #1!

Each player may take a candy heart from the bowl for each correct response. Don’t eat your winnings yet!

taking a candy

Did you get the question right? Take a candy!

Choose someone to be Contestant #2 and play another round.

You can select a new host/hostess or continue with the same person in that role. (You will need a substitute host when it’s the host’s turn to be the contestant, though!)

question sheet

What your question sheet will look like when the game is over.

Keep playing until everyone has a turn to be a contestant.

#4: Declare the Winners!

After the last person has had a turn, everyone should count the candy hearts.

With much fanfare, declare the person with most hearts the winner of this episode of Family Game Show.

counting candy hearts

Counting the number of candy hearts to figure out a winner.

It’s almost time to celebrate and eat your fabulous prizes.

But, wait… Now’s a great time to explain to your children that they’re all winners, because now everyone has a better idea of how to show love and kindness to each other.

(That’s the Valentine’s part of your Family Game Show!)

#5: A Few Parting Gifts

For added fun, take turns having each person read aloud the sayings on their candy hearts. (You might want to prescreen them, just in case.)

read loud hearts

Each player reads aloud the sayings on their candy hearts.

Before you leave the game room, have everyone give each other a hug and say one thing they learned that brings another person joy.

Some Final Thoughts

I hope you had fun sharing some laughs and fostering kindness in your family. When we played, we noticed that the kids really loved learning new things about each other too!

To encourage even more thinking about how to learn to love others well, check out the links below:

Take the Love Language Quiz: There’s one for kids and grownups. This fun quiz determines what communicates love for each member of your family.

Secret Pal Surprise Ideas: Cute printables you can place in a jar for your children to choose from to show love to their siblings.

What do you think? Tell us about your Family Game Show! What other ways do you encourage your children to be kind to each other? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

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  1. KJ Ammerman says:

    Love this simple, fun game, Susan!

  2. Susan Merrill says:

    KJ – Thank you! If you try it with your family, let me know how it goes!

  3. Thanks, Susan! What a great way to get to know each other better. Just the other day, my son said something that made me think, “How could he not know that about me?” I think I’ve got a new question to add to the game!

  4. Gaelle says:

    Cool idea – I can see how fun this can be!

  5. Guest says:


  6. Sometimes they know more than we do!

  7. Crystal Foth says:

    Great simple game to connect more with our families and friends – the “real” people around us. It would get everyone to take a “tech” break too! Love it!

  8. Did this with my family and the LOVED it

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