14 Easy Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mother’s Day

Want some creative breakfast in bed ideas for Mother’s Day?

Looking for something so easy that your kids can prepare it for Mom?

Grab some aprons and get ready to create a kid-friendly culinary masterpiece.

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures searched the Internet for quick, simple morning meals you and your kids can make together to surprise Mom on her special day.

In this article I’ll share our 14 favorite easy breakfast-in-bed recipes that kids will love to create and moms will enjoy eating. (Because those two things aren’t always the same!)

14 easy breakfast in bed recipes you and your kids can make together to surprise Mom on Mother's Day, recipes kids love to create and moms enjoy eating.

Why Make Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day?

Breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition on Mom’s designated day of rest and relaxation. What could be better than sleeping in a little late and having breakfast served to you by your favorite people?

Kids love to prepare something special for Mom, and moms love the thoughtful gesture—although sometimes the meal kids choose is a bit too sweet for her taste or too complicated for their kitchen skills, no matter how much help they get from Dad!

Check out this recipe roundup for a variety of breakfast-in-bed options that are fun, easy to make and enjoyable to eat.

Whether Mom prefers a traditional breakfast of eggs or pancakes, a light breakfast of fruit and yogurt or a variation of her favorite bagels, you’re sure to find something just right for her.

boy with breakfast tray

Breakfast in bed is a special Mother’s Day tradition. What will your kids make for Mom? Image source: iStockPhoto.

Look through the list with your kids and choose something fun to make together.

#1: Eggs

Show Mom you love her when you make this heartfelt version of a classic kids’ egg dish, Eggs in a Nest from Tiffany at Cute Food For Kids.

egg in a nest

Find your favorite cookie cutter. Kids will have fun cutting hearts out of toast to make room for Mom’s egg.

She calls it a Valentine’s Day breakfast, but we think it’s perfect for Mother’s Day, too. Check out Tiffany’s secret for making ketchup hearts to embellish the eggs. (Hint: Grab a few extra ketchup packets next time you have fast food for lunch.)

Think Mom would like something a little more refined (but still simple to make)? Try this easy recipe for Simplicity: Soft-Boiled Eggs from Linda Lyell at A Kitchen Muse.

soft boiled egg

Cut toast into thin strips, perfect for dipping.

Younger kids can help make the toast to accompany Mom’s egg. When you cut it into thin strips, it may remind them of their favorite chicken fingers with sauce, but I assure you, this breakfast is all grown up and perfect for Mom.

#2: Bagels

Bagels are a quick favorite and come in a variety of flavors to suit any taste. If you have a busy Mother’s Day planned, grab some bagels and Mom’s favorite nut butter or cream cheese for an easy breakfast on the go.

For a more leisurely breakfast in bed, try one of these bagel variations:

This unique Bagel Quiche recipe from Lori Lange at Recipe Girl could be considered either a bagel or an egg (or a quiche). However you classify it, it’s a fun and simple meal your family can make together for Mom.

bagel quiche

Cut across the very top of bagel—not the middle—to make the most room for the egg filling.

Kids love to pick out the bagel innards to make room for eggs you bake right in the bagel shell. We love the ability to add whatever meats, cheeses or vegetables Mom likes best to give her a breakfast she’ll truly enjoy.

For a simpler take on bagels for breakfast, prepare this no-bake Berry Flower Mother’s Day Bagel from Krissy Sherman Bonning at B-Inspired Mama! and you’ll give mom flowers and breakfast in bed all in one!

bagel with fruit

Use different fruits to turn Mom’s breakfast bagel into a Mother’s Day flower.

It’s fun to create art out of food. There are so many shapes and colors you can use. Set out a few kinds of sliced fruits and encourage the kids to make something pretty (and tasty) for Mom on her special day.

Here’s another idea: Spell out how much you love Mom when you make this cute Bacon, Berry and Bagel Mother’s Day Breakfast from Michelle McKinley at Sassy Dealz.

bagel with berries and bacon

Super-easy, super-cute breakfast for Mom.

Did you ever notice that sliced strawberries look like little red hearts? Decorate Mom’s plate with strawberry hearts and show her how you feel about her on Mother’s Day.

#3: Smoothies

Make Mom a smoothie for breakfast in bed and give her a great start to the day. Smoothies are easy to make with kids, they’re packed full of good, healthy stuff and there are infinite combinations you can create.

We found two special kid-friendly smoothie recipes that will make you smile and a tasty green one for a healthy burst of vitamins. Or check this infographic from Super Skinny Me for easy instructions on how to make a perfect smoothie every time.

how to make a smoothie

An endless variety of smoothies in five easy steps.

Did you ever go to Orange Julius as a kid? The creamy orange goodness was always a special treat. Kristy at Sweet Treats and More shared this recipe so you can make an Orange Julius-inspired Smoothie in your own kitchen—no trip to the mall required!

orange julius smoothie

The Orange Julius smoothie uses orange juice concentrate so your family can enjoy one any time.

Remind Mom of her own childhood with this sweet breakfast drink and introduce the frothy orange goodness to the next generation.

Give Mom a healthy version of her favorite ice cream sundae when you make this Banana Split Smoothie from Corey Valley at She Knows. Breakfast in bed will be extra-special with this sweet, simple-to-make drink.

banana split smoothie

Use chocolate milk and frozen fruit for a quick, healthy smoothie that tastes just like a banana split.

Kids will get a giggle when they make Mom a banana split for breakfast. What a fun way to start the day!

For moms who prefer green to sweet for first thing in the morning, whip up this delicious Kale Sunrise Green Smoothie from Lindsey at Café Johnsonia for a Mother’s Day treat.

kale sunrise smoothie

Kale + three kinds of fruit = a quick, healthy way to wake Mom on Mother’s Day.

Whatever kind of smoothie you make for Mom, play a taste-test game: ask her to guess what kinds of fruits and vegetables are in her special drink.

#4: Pancakes

Pancakes are lots of fun to make with kids and boxed pancake mixes make them easy and quick. Try these two cute variations that will start Mom’s day with some sunshine.

Make tiny little pancakes, add some fruit and let your kids stick skewers through it all for a breakfast treat that’s almost as much fun to make as it is to eat. Bree Hester of Baked Bree shared instructions for Strawberry Pancake Skewers on the Betty Crocker website.

strawberries and pancakes on skewer

Serve these breakfast skewers with a side of whipped cream for dipping.

Mom will love the clever presentation of these pancakes on a stick. You and your kids will have fun making them.

Another adorable way to present Mom with some creative pancakes for breakfast in bed is this Flower Pot Pancake Breakfast from Jill at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

pancake and fruit

Pancake art—a cute way to wish Mom a happy Mother’s Day.

Flowers, fruit, eggs and pancakes—this recipe has it all for an easy breakfast in bed and a cute way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

#5: Parfait

A parfait may look like a sweet dessert, but it’s a perfect treat for breakfast. And they’re super easy! Just start with some delicious yogurt with fruit on top. You can also layer in granola or other baked foods like waffles! To make your parfait extra-flavorful, mix in some cream cheese and a small amount of honey with the yogurt. Yum!

Kids love to help spoon the ingredients into layers. Be sure to use a clear glass dish so you can see the colorful striped results.

We found three delicious parfait recipes Mom is sure to enjoy. Whichever option you choose, we think parfaits are a great breakfast-in-bed option because they’re beautiful, delicious, full of foods kids love and they’re so easy to make.

berry yogurt parfait

Layer berries, yogurt and granola for an easy (and beautiful) breakfast treat.

If Mom’s a fan of berries, make this Berry Yogurt Parfait shared by Aviva Goldfarb on PBS Parents—Kitchen Explorers.

citrus parfait

Smooth yogurt plus tangy citrus combine into a sweet parfait Mom will love.

Does she prefer the tangy bite of citrus? Try the Citrus Parfait that Catherine McCord of Weelicious shared on PopSugar.

strawberry waffle parfait

Yes, store-bought frozen waffles are fine for this parfait—this is supposed to be easy, remember?

Do your kids love waffles? Ask them to toast some waffles up extra-crispy, break them into bits and layer them in this delicious Strawberry Waffle Parfait from Brandi at Bran Appetit.

#6: Bonus Breakfast—Fruit Bouquet

This adorable fruit bouquet from Liz at Hoosier Homemade may take a little more time to prepare than the other recipes featured in this article, but it was too cute not to share. Create a special Fruit Bouquet for Mom’s breakfast in bed.

fruit on skewers

Be sure to weigh down your vase with something heavy so it doesn’t tip with the weight of the fruit flowers.

What a unique way to give Mom flowers on Mother’s Day! She’ll enjoy these flowers the kids make themselves, especially when they’re flowers she can eat!

Some Final Thoughts

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to honor Mom and set the tone for the day that’s all about her. Any of the recipes in this article will be fun and easy to make with your kids, and Mom will love it. So pick one or two (or all of them—make it a monthly tradition that goes beyond Mother’s Day itself) and enjoy a cooking adventure with your kids.

(Just be sure to clean up the kitchen when you’re through! Nothing spoils Mom’s fun like a mess she has to clean up on her special day.)

What do you think? Does your family have a favorite food to make Mom for breakfast in bed? What are your Mother’s Day traditions? Share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Image from iStockPhoto.

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