How to Make After-School Snack Adventures With Your Kids

Are your kids excited to see you after a long day of school or has their hunger transformed them into unrecognized creatures?

Why not bring back your happy kids with a fun and flavorful after-school snack activity that will get them talking?

Imagine your kids making petrified pizza, yogurt mosaics and edible wishing wands.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make three easy, fun and tasty after-school snacks with your kids that will satisfy their hunger and your need to connect.

Food snacks activities: how to make three easy, fun and tasty after-school snacks with your kids that will satisfy their hunger and your need to connect.

Why Make an After-School Snack With Your Kids?

If your kids are like mine, when they get home from school, they’re STARVING. They’re going to dive into the first food they see, so why not build a little fun, creativity and conversation into their afternoon snack once in a while?

Take a few minutes to prepare something with them that makes them smile—and is reasonably healthy too.

It’s a great way to spend a few minutes of fun together and give your children a much-needed break in between a long school day and an evening full of homework, chores and sports or other activities.

Most kids love to help out in the kitchen. When you encourage them to make their own snacks, it gives them a feeling of confidence and helps them learn about nutrition and cooking. And many picky eaters are more likely to eat something they’ve made themselves.

The three snacks I describe below are especially fun to make because they don’t require any cooking and even younger kids can put them together.

It’s also fun to compare the way your children individualize each snack for each person. What do you think your child will create for you?

You Will Need

  • Rice cakes (variety of flavors like plain, chocolate and caramel corn)
  • Spreads your child likes (such as hummus, almond butter or cream cheese)
  • Toppings your child likes (such as mini-marshmallows or vegetables cut into small chunks)
  • Fruit cut into small chunks
  • Vanilla yogurt
  • Pretzel rods
  • Deli-sliced meat and/or cheese
  • Mustard or mayonnaise from a squeeze bottle
  • Paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Butter knife
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Plate

Activity Time

15 minutes per snack

Preparation Time

5 minutes


At home

There are a few safety factors to note before you get started:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling food
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them
  • Have an adult help or supervise with anything that involves a sharp knife

All right people, get ready for some after-school fun when you make Petrified Pizza, Yogurt Bowl Mosaics and Wishing Wands. It’s time to chow down!

#1: Petrified Pizza

Have you ever seen petrified wood? It’s wood that has fossilized and turned to stone. My parents had some pieces when I was a kid and they always intrigued me. My oldest child now owns a piece of petrified wood and my kids all think it’s super-cool!

petrified wood

After examining the petrified wood, we started to talk about what it would be like if food in the kitchen were petrifiedstone-ground wheat crackers (OK, that’s a little joke: stone = petrified, get it?!), crackly toast, hard-as-a-rock-fruit… Hey, what about a super-crunchy pizza crust? Thus, the Petrified Pizza was born.

Ask your kids what kinds of food remind them of rocks.

Regular pizzas are fun to make. Kids can easily help with things like spreading the sauce, cheese and other toppings. For ideas on making regular pizzas with your kids, check out this article about holding a make-your-own pizza party.

However, those kinds of pizzas are generally considered more of a meal than a snack. They also involve an oven, so making them is a little less kid-friendly.

On the other hand, Petrified Pizzas are snack-sized and don’t require any baking. They’re really easy and really tasty!

cutting fruit

Have an adult cut up the toppings ahead of time.

To make Petrified Pizza, use rice cakes in various flavors as the “petrified” crusts; a few spreads like hummus, cream cheese or almond butter as the sauce; and small pieces of food like cut-up cucumbers, mini marshmallows or chunks of apple as toppings.

You’ll need a butter knife for the sauce and a plate to catch excess toppings.

making petrified pizza

Kids like to develop their own unique combinations. It’s fun for them to do their own “cooking.”

Here’s how you make your very own Petrified Pizza:

  • Choose your rice cake flavor
  • Choose your “sauce” and spread it on your rice cake
  • Add your “toppings”
  • Dig in!

    petrified pizza ingredients

    The combinations can vary according to your child’s taste.

Here are some trios I recommend:

  • Plain or low-salt rice cake with hummus “sauce” and cucumber rounds “topping”
  • Carmel corn–flavored rice cakes with almond or soy butter “sauce” and mini-marshmallow “topping”
  • Chocolate-flavored rice cakes with low-fat cream cheese “sauce” and Granny Smith apple chunks “topping”
    eating petrified pizza

    Try these Petrified Pizzas or make your own combinations!

    While you’re enjoying Petrified Pizza with its hard, crunchy crust, ask your kids about the hardest thing they faced at school that day.

    #2: Yogurt Mosaics

    My kids go through tremendous amounts of fruit and yogurt. I’m OK with that, because it’s a pretty healthy combination.

    With four kids (or any number of kids), it’s helpful to cut costs where possible. Therefore, we often buy yogurt in large tubs.

    But when we eat it, we dress it up with rainbow colors and turn the bowls into beautiful mosaics.

    mosaic yogurt

    Vanilla yogurt is a family favorite, but it looks a little boring in the bowl. Dress it up with fruit to make a Yogurt Mosaic.

    To make Yogurt Bowl Mosaics, use vanilla yogurt as the mortar and colorful chunks of fruit as the tiles. Try green grapes, blueberries, red apples, mandarin orange pieces, etc.

    Here’s how you make Yogurt Bowl Mosaics:

    First pour the vanilla yogurt into the bowl, including enough to cover the bottom of the bowl.

    Next, add your fruit. It’s essential to have a large variety of fruit available so there will be lots of colors to “draw” with.

    mosaic fruit

    Have a lot of colors available. Cut large fruit into small pieces (this should be done by an adult).

    Use the fruit to make magnificent designs, keeping in mind that by the end, the yogurt should be completely covered with fruit.

    finished mosaic

    You can make concentric circles, silly faces and random designs—whatever kind of mosaics you want.

    Then, best of all, you get to eat your creation. Delish!

    eating mosaic

    Careful—your kids might eat the ingredients before they reach the bowl!

    While enjoying your sweet, lovely Yogurt Mosaic creations, ask your kids about the sweetest or best thing that happened at school.

    #3: Wishing Wands

    Who doesn’t like to have a little magic in their lives? Wishing wands are a healthy and fun way to add sparkle to your kids’ eyes while you fill their tummies.

    To make Wishing Wands, you’ll need: pretzel rods (I like salted ones, though unsalted is fine if salt is a concern), thinly sliced deli meat and/or cheese, mustard or mayonnaise in a squeeze container and a plate.

    wishing wand ingredients

    With all of these snacks, it’s helpful to get all of your ingredients out before the kids arrive.

    To make Wishing Wands:

    Lay a slice of meat or cheese flat on your plate.

    Using the squeeze bottle, write your wish on your meat or cheese. Try to keep your wish short (just a couple of words) so your wand won’t get too drippy!

    If your wish doesn’t fit on one slice, feel free to add another.

    wishing wand wish

    Parents can help younger kids with their writing.

    Lay a pretzel rod down at one end of the cheese or meat. Carefully roll the slice around the top of the pretzel.

    Tell your kids that Wishing Wand wishes are meant to be shared (unlike a wish made over birthday candles that won’t come true if you tell someone what it is). Ask what your kids wish would happen at school or anywhere.

    Now eat your Wishing Wand!

    wishing wand fairy

    It’s the Wishing Wand fairy!

    You never know—if you finish the whole thing, your wish might come true…

    Get Ready to Munch!

    As you can see, it’s easy to turn even something as mundane as an after-school snack into an entertaining adventure.

    I’m a busy mom, working full time and raising four kids, and I’m always looking for easy new ways to keep my children happy. These snacks were a big hit with my kids. I hope your family enjoys them, too!

    What do you think? Do you have any other fun snacking ideas you’d like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to post a picture!

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  1. Teresa Pangan says:

    Love the snack ideas. What great memories with delicious and nutritious foods. I have to do the wishing wand with my 4-year old. She will be in her princess dress! No coaxing needed.

  2. Thanks, Holly! Love your creative ideas for making snacks into something fun (and that picture of you as the wishing wand fairy!!)

  3. EmilyQuestions says:

    I’m gonna make wishing wands – the tiara convinced me, Holly! Great post about how to make healthy snacking a fun time for all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holly Chessman says:

    I totally get that. I have two daughters (3 and 5) who love their princess dresses and tiaras (I might have borrowed a tiara for the picture in the article…). Have fun!

  5. Holly Chessman says:

    Thanks! At home I’m known as Queen Mommy, but I double as a fairy in my spare time. :)

  6. Holly Chessman says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s fun to use after school snack time as a time to bond with my kids. They love doing art. Their favorite is the yogurt bowl mosaic. They come up with so many cool designs!

  7. KJ Ammerman says:

    These are great, Holly! Perfect timing for us parents who need some new ideas for after school snacks!

  8. Holly Chessman says:

    I’m happy you like them! I like combining play and food – two of my favorite things. :)

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